Karma Payback

Karma Payback

image from giphy.com
image from giphy.com

I used to give Loserman money like it was going out of style.

And the fact that Doon-n-Gloom is still living with me after we’re divorced also speaks to my generosity stupidity.

I don’t know if I was trying to buy their love or just being nice.

Probably a little bit of both.

But it has really been stuck in my craw that Loserman still owes me the only money I ever asked that he pay me back:


  • $400 was from when I actually loaned his friend money a year and a half ago. Loserman’s friend actually paid me back, but I told Loserman to keep it and use it for things we needed to fix Bear. Those things never got fixed (the truck died and I had to sell it…). Actually, at one point I found a casino receipt for $400 in my truck, after he borrowed it. I confronted Loserman, he denied that it was my $400.
  • The other $800 was for a Ford Expedition that he bought last summer when he was still talking to me. He was going to fix and flip it (basically) and we would split the profit (after I got my money back, of course). But he never fixed the damn thing and it got towed from the place where he was storing it.

(you can read about all of that in this post if you so desire)

Well, while I was being angry with him for not repaying me, the universe decided to take matters into its own hands.

It wasn’t until just last weekend that I realized I’ve gotten all of that money back, plus a little!

  • At the holiday party last December, I won a $500 Southwest Airlines gift certificate (that paid for my spring skate trip to Sacramento with Thing #1)
  • In June, when my friend decided to bring a bunch of us along with him to Kansas City for Fall Roll Fest in November, he paid for my round-trip airfare. That had to be close to $400!
  • Just last week Mr. R paid for my round-trip airfare for our January excursion to Dayton, OH. I tried and he will not let me pay him back!
found on giphy.com
found on giphy.com

Already that’s $100 more than what Loserman owes me.


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