Smitten with Him

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on December 3, 2015

I had a lovely day with Alaska and his family and friends! Of course, it helped that I had already met half of them…

The atmosphere was comfortable. There was no stress or family drama. Alaska’s brother invited a client and his wife over to watch one of the football games that day (they had a bet going!).

Alaska and I even had time for some play before and after and an evening nap! (That boy sleeps a lot!! But I guess sex does that to a guy 😉 click here and scroll down to #4. Apparently it’s a thing.)

When I first arrived, I brought my veggie tray to the kitchen and said my “hellos” to Alaska’s brother and sister-in-law. I thanked them for having me and asked if there was anything I could do.

While I was helping with a few last-minute things, Alaska went downstairs to his apartment and instructed me to come down when I was done.

I am an obedient girl 😉 so I did as I was told.

He was waiting for me on his couch with a pipe full of weed, a football game and his electric blanket.


How perfect is that?

We sat twisted together under the warm blanket, my legs draped over his, and we watched the game. I talked about my crappy job and the two job interviews I had earlier that week.

We talked more about the health and vitamin product line he sells… How much I like the coffee I ordered…

I asked him if I looked “nice enough”. He said “Yep” and then I razzed him because I thought I looked WAY better than ‘yep’.

Guests started showing up, we could hear the dogs going crazy upstairs.

His sister-in-law came down to switch over the laundry (“I’m not looking if you’re naked!” she says…)


He told me to take off my pants and to go lay down, face up, on his bed – which I did without question or complaint.

I must have looked better than ‘yep’ to him because my turn came first this time! He is very stingy when it comes to munching on my pussy… Something I mentioned to him a while back. He must have heard me.

It wasn’t very long before it was time to cum hard all over his face. Of course, I waited until he told me I could, but he is starting to learn me and knew exactly when to call it.

“Good girl,” he said before he told me to flip around.

(I absolutely LOVE my “good girls”!!!!!!!!!)

Alaska stood over the edge of the bed and I laid face-up with his dick right between my eyes. Mmm… This is one of my favorite positions to please him with my mouth!

Immediately I took him between my lips and kissed and sucked just the tip of his magnificent penis.. That’s how he likes me to start – relishing the taste of his pre-cum on the tip, tracing my tongue around the top lip…

“You’re turning into a very good cocksucker, my little German slut. You can have more.”

I moaned a “thank you, Daddy,” as best as I could while I took him fully into my throat and hummed against his shaft. His body stiffened as he stood above me and I could hear his breath quicken.

“Oh my god. Stop! I’m gonna cum!”

I stopped, but only for a second. He leaned over my body and started licking and sucking on my clit again, tasting the remnants of my orgasm, trying to bring forth another. It was while he was distracted on me that I grabbed his dick with one of my hands and started returning the favor by taking his balls and licking them and sucking them until he moaned again in pleasure.

He was so close I could feel the pressure building. I switched back and started massaging his balls with my hand while I sucked his cock. His body stiffened one last time, his release of breath was cool against my hot and wet pussy and then I tasted his burst inside of my mouth.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I said as I exhaled.

“You’re welcome. We should probably get cleaned up and go back upstairs to see who’s here.”

“Yeah, probably.” I agreed, “Just give me a sec to make sure I still look okay.” *wink*

Alaska’s mother was in the kitchen, right at the top of the stairs when we came up. The door opened and there she was!

She greeted the two of us like she had known me forever. We hugged and I told her how happy and thankful I was that Alaska had invited me to share the holiday with all of them.

A little after that, the brother that I hadn’t met yet arrived. It only took a second for him to ask, “So, are you my little brother’s other half?”


No… I don’t think so… We had a conversation about it a few weeks back. It was hella-uncomfortable and Alaska told me I could date other people…

“I don’t think we’ve known each other long enough for me to be any half of his yet. You should ask him.”

“Oh! I see how it is. I hit a nerve!” he teased.

Dinner happened. There was a football game on the flat-screen all day long. Alaska’s sister-in-law made this amazing ginger punch that tasted even more amazing with vodka (and it was cheap-ass vodka, too! I have to get the recipe from her!).

And that wasn’t even the half of it.

I don’t know if Alaska was sensing my need to get away from the commotion or if he felt the same way himself… But, about an hour after everyone finished with dinner he asked me if I would join him downstairs.

Relief! Of course! Thank you, Daddy.

We smoked another bowl, I had another drink while he had a beer…

We “cuddled” some more…


…fell asleep for a couple of hours… “cuddled” again…

Then, on my way out, I said “goodbye” and “thank you” to everyone (they were playing poker at the kitchen table).

I definitely have to say that it was 400 times better than any Thanksgiving I’ve ever had!

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  1. Loved Alaska! Cold in Fairbanks and when my was born… -63. But your story melts that.. lol

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