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Telling the Ex

on December 4, 2015

It looks kind of like they’re choking each other, doesn’t it?

Living with my ex-husband…

I’ve been thinking: at some point in the near future, I am going to have to tell Doom-n-Gloom that I am going ou on a date or that I am interested in someone and seeing (fucking) them ‘on the regular’. Especially since I am spending more and more nights away from home: sometimes 2 nights at Alaska’s, and there’s Mr. R…  And every once in a while I am still swiping on Tinder (but not really meeting anyone – lots of chatting).

In the past, because we were married, I would always tell Doom-n-Gloom that I was going to spend the night at a girlfriend’s house or something was happening with work. Part of me thinks he believed it, and the other part thinks he was completely aware of what was happening. It really could be either way… It’s not like I’m going to ask him or anything…

Even though I know I can simply come out and tell him, I am not sure of exactly how to do such a thing; it’s not like I’ve ever done this before! And what about the outcome when I do finally tell him?

Do I just come straight out and say it?

Obviously, yes. Right?

There’s no other way to go about it, is there?

2 responses to “Telling the Ex

  1. Kay says:

    You are no longer married and he is basically a roommate (assuming you sleep in separate bedrooms and don’t have sex anymore).. I can’t imagine telling a roommate where I stayed the previous night or what I was doing so personally I don’t even think it’s a conversation worth having. How much longer will he be living with you?

    • smitten says:

      I didn’t look at it like that. He is just my roommate now, separate rooms… He’ll be around until next September or he decides he can’t stand living with me any more, whichever comes first.

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