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A Lone Wolf

on December 9, 2015

I am all of this… Maybe I should print copies of it and hand them out…


What To Expect When Dating A Girl Who’s A Lone Wolf

Rebel Circus

It’s hard to constantly be a social butterfly.  In fact, some girls prefer to be a lone wolf; they need their solo time to decompress.  Don’t fret though!

Here’s what you need know if you’re dating a girl who is used to being on her own!

  1. Don’t expect constant communication with her. She wants to do her own thing on her own accord, and she doesn’t want to ask permission to do so.
  2. Her friends are her rock. Her gal pals know deep down she’s a sensitive pup, and that’s why she’s a lone wolf.
  3. So they will be extra protective of her. Unfortunately, there’s no secret to getting on their good side—just treat your lone wolf right.
  4. She can roll with the punches, but it’s best to take things slow. She’s not used to so much attention. She might try to like it, but she might also get scared away in the process.
  5. Don’t try to constantly hang out with her. That should just be an obvious one. She needs her alone time or else she’ll resent you for it.
  6. Let her do her own thing. She’s not used to having people do things for her, so let her be independent.
  7. Fighting can be communication. We’re not saying constantly fighting is a good thing, but fighting sometimes is healthy, especially for your loner.
  8. She’s stubborn. She is used to her way and she likes her way. You can go ahead and argue with her about it, but just be understanding.
  9. She might go M.I.A. sometimes. If she all of a sudden disappears for no reason, then she might just really like you. Give her some time to think it over.
  10. She tends to overthink things. She’s used to being constantly in her head, so when you say you like her, she might be wary and ask you why or how.
  11. Be patient with her. She’s protective of herself, which is why she spends most of her time with herself. She’s also guarded, so be patient and let her come to you.
  12. This means she might have some trust issues as well. Trusting people is hard; she can hardly trust herself sometimes because she overthinks things too much.
  13. Just be open with her. Gain her trust by actually being trustworthy. Duh. Don’t lie to her, but do explain your feelings and communicate.
  14. She can be intimidating. Sometimes she hides her lone wolf ways by appearing headstrong and overly-confident. She’s definitely tough, but deep down she’s also super sensitive.
  15. The little hints are the big hints. You have to develop a keen eye for subtle hints, because she will be too proud and scared to tell you that she’s actually falling for you.

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