“Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”

“Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”

This book is brilliant!! Steve Harvey offers up advice to women and it’s SPOT ON!!

And blatantly honest. At one point in the book he addresses cheating and how all men will cheat on their spouse if given the chance and enough reason/motivation. I appreciate that.


He talks about:

  • what a man needs to accomplish before getting seriously involved with someone
  • how to tell if a man is really into you or playing around
  • how a man shows you he loves you
  • how to communicate with men and what a man needs in a relationship
  • AND how women need to actually MAKE their men take care of them! Require him to open the door for you, etc…

I’m almost finished reading it and I want to rush out buy it for every woman I know – whether she’s in a relationship or not!

For sure I am getting it for my daughters!


12 thoughts on ““Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”

  1. Growing up with a single mom, I learned everything I needed to know about men. There is a lot of truth in that book, yet there are no absolutes in ;anything. I liked the book “why men love bitches” more… Just saying that men like strong women, not passive pleading sorry souls.

    1. Lucky girl! My mom was a horrible teacher in that respect. And I completely agree on absolutes – it’s a good reminder to treat your beloved right, though.

      1. Yes, in any relationship we need to treat each other right. I spend a good deal of time Coaching men and women. When the women finish working with me they are changed souls in a big way. Many have finally gotten the courage to leave shitty spouses after many years.

  2. I seem to remember Chris Rock saying something similar about men cheating. That with enough options, lots of men would cheat. I’m sure lots of options would bring temptation, but I can’t say that all men would succumb to it. Some of us stick to our word.

    1. Eddie Murphy, too 😀
      I agree with you that many men would stick to their word, but I really think the point he was trying to make is “take care of your spouse and you won’t have to worry about it because he would rather not upset you” – it’s all about the balance of punishment and reward and is it worth it

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