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If At First You Think It’s a Form Letter…

on January 30, 2016

A week ago I received this exciting message from a gentleman on FetLife (not Rock Star):
(please note that the days/times are not accurate on the screen pics… 😉 )


Part of me thought it was so smart and sweet, but the other part felt the actual content of the message was a little cold and flat.

It reads kinda like a form letter, don’t you think?

But it also shows respect to me, the recipient…

I went to his profile. He’s 32, ex-military, physically active, says he wants to develop a monogamous relationship and I liked his pics, so I responded.


I left it a little vague on purpose. Fishing, if you will…

He responded a week later, words completely inconsistent with his initial note:


I think my initial hunch was right: he sent me a fucking form letter!


My crazy side thought was that someone “better” must have responded to him before I did, and when that didn’t work out, he moved down the list and I was probably number 4 or 5. I mean, why else did it take him a week to respond?

And why did he change his tune?

I responded:


Now let’s see where this adventure takes me…

One response to “If At First You Think It’s a Form Letter…

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