To Swipe or Not To Swipe

I swiped right

He swiped right

It was a match!

This is what happened next (I’m green):


WTF?!?! Why would you even be playing on Tinder if you were going to be leaving town in a couple of hours?!

What an ass!


6 thoughts on “To Swipe or Not To Swipe

  1. My thought is that he was here on vacation or business – Ihave matched with at least 10 men from out of town looking for someone to go out with while they are in the city. I ALWAYS ask right away where they are from.

    Then I ask how tall they are 😉

    1. That’s what he said anyway… My question is: what was he doing swiping on Tinder two hours before he was leaving town? And then staying matched with his matches long enough to tell them that he’s not available?

      I ALWAYS ask how tall they are! And if they’re a Cancer.

  2. I kinda think it was a blow off…just because usually they post in advance that they are only in town for temp business. This person is either dumb or he was lying. I feel so bad about asking how tall they are. The 1st thing I look at is, of course, is their physical attraction and RIGHT AFTER, I look for their height. If it isn’t on there I just pass. I wish I had the courage to ask for their damn height. I just don’t want to make the short ones feel bad for being genetically challenged lol

    1. Thank you for saying that. It felt very much like a blow I off – basically for the reason you stated: they say,, in their profile when they’re travelling.

      Don’t worry. I always pass if they don’t state their height or aren’t obviously tall in their pics.

      1. No problem! I also thought that because I have done ridiculous blow off’s like that! I had a dude curse me for weeks saying “why the F don’t you answer me you little c##t” and “F you”, etc. It was really scary. I had given him my number out of stupidity, but right after I gave him the number, I realized he WAS REALLY SHORT and I didn’t like the way his 1st text addressed me. ANY HOOT, good luck to you! I have had NONE on Tinder or OK Cupid!

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