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Shakespeare Is Dead

on February 11, 2016


He didn’t last very long.

(that’s what she said 😉 )

I kind of suspected it from the get-go, but he was an arrogant jerk.

Lemme backtrack a moment…

At noon on Tuesday he sent me a text (this is not what makes him an arrogant jerk):

Hey there. I’m at XXX Ave and XXX St on my lunch break. Maybe I could check out your place of work? Otherwise, we should totally have lunch or something.

He had mentioned that his new office wasn’t far away from the neighborhood where I work (I didn’t give him any name or address, just the general area).

It spooked me a little. Probably because of MM only a week before.

And he wasn’t that far away!

I was hoping that he hadn’t googled my phone number and found my work address. It would really suck if he had already hopped on a bus to come see me!


To avoid this happening again, that evening I decided to send him the note I wrote in my grandiloquent post the other day – with a couple minor alterations.


Admittedly, it wasn’t the nicest letter for him to read, but I tried very hard to stay in line with all his formality and hoity-toity wordsmithing and still try to say what I felt should be said.

Even so, I’m not entirely sure the following response was called-for:


I am, in fact, an immensely cool, different-thinking, non-shallow person… And “the more he opens up…”? WTF is that?! We went on one fucking date. And he barely spent any money on me at all – less than $5! (and he still has a free bus pass from his last job, so the bus ride/s didn’t cost him a cent!)

Someone must have been living in some kind of fantasy world since Friday night: building stories in his head… I’ve barely said anything to him since Friday. One tiny email and one tiny text – very tiny.

I toyed with the idea of letting it be, but decided not to…


Here is where it gets really good!


Were you hoping to read my blog and discover I was actually an idiot?

Umm… No, but maybe a little more human; maybe a little bit less of a snob…


Umm… What “commitment” was that exactly?




5 responses to “Shakespeare Is Dead

  1. Dee says:

    I don’t think he is the jerk I think you are. He was a nice guy and you didn’t need to be so hurtful.

  2. Isabella LeCour says:

    So, until I can read his blog I’m gonna withhold further comments on this. It really is exhibit #1.

  3. johnnyid says:

    I’m going to respectfully disagree with Dee, there’s plenty of awful stuff in Shakespeare’s emails. (Also, in your first image of your email it shows his name on one line. I’m pointing that out because you so carefully took names out of the others.) Rather than having a conversation after your email, or giving a reasonable response, Shakespeare goes on a passive aggressive offensive and then switches tactics in almost every back and forth. There’s a lot of repressed anger, passive aggression, and attempt guilt-trip going on. He clearly places all blame on you, even searching for explanations for why you’re acting that way, rather than actually listening to what you’re saying.

    • smitten says:

      Thank you, Johnny. That’s what it felt like to me. I told him his blog is brilliant (because it is) and I told him he is attractive (just didn’t like his presentation). I’m glad that he was such a drama queen right away… Oh! And the way he was arguing with me was a lot like the ex-h. Blech!

      XOXO! ❤

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