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I Miss Sex!

on February 24, 2016


That is the short and simple answer to the question that I posed to myself last week

Why is Alaska’s absence driving me so batshit crazy!?!

Such a simple answer, really…

I fucking MISS fucking!!!

I miss the closeness and the intimacy and the sharing and the companionship…

(But, awesomely, I didn’t miss it SO much that I fucked the guy I roomed with last weekend during my Sk8cation! Go, Me!)

Also, Johnny hit my nail on the head in a comment he made:

… I think it has to do with losing something. When we’re in the situation we feel all the bad with the good and think “we deserve better”. We end it… but then we have nothing. Then the question is kind of turned on it’s head, “wasn’t something, even a not great something, better than nothing?”

We just have to focus on the first answer, we deserve better, and trust that if that’s what we’re looking for we’re more likely to find it. Don’t get distracted by the second guessing, don’t settle for less than what you deserve.

Keep my eye on the ball, as it were…

I DO deserve better!!



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