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Doing it All By Myself

on February 25, 2016

I spent Valentine’s Day weekend in Phoenix for my 2nd Sk8cation.

The drive was amazing. I took an extra day of driving both ways so I wouldn’t have any problems.

On the way there I went into and through the gorgeous mountains! The check engine light came on in Lil Bear and I started to worry. In my head, I panicked a little, but rationalized things out and started thinking of a plan.


Thursday night I stopped in Albuquerque at this really cute hotel – Nativo Lodge. The location was perfect: there were restaurants and gas stations and it was directly off the highway.


My plan was to find a shop the next morning that would read the Check Engine light code on Lil Bear and tell me what was wrong. If the code wasn’t the normal Oxygen Sensor code it had been kicking out, I would turn around and go home. Sk8cation 2016 would have to be cancelled.

I started freaking out Friday morning when I woke up so I reached out to one of my skate buddies and also Mr. Nice Guy.

Both reassured me that everything would be okay; that I should stick to my plan and see what the check engine light even meant.

Then, if need be, I could change plans or continue.

It was hard to tell if it was fear of facing my adventure alone, or the fact that I didn’t really want to face these challenges alone all weekend.

Ultimately, I decided to follow my friends’ advice. The check engine light ended up only being an air sensor like I thought and the mechanic explained to me (like the gentleman who sold the car to me) that it was more of an emissions thing than a mechanical one.

I was back on the road only 15 minutes behind schedule.

At about 6 o’clock Friday evening, I arrived at my destination hotel.

They lost my reservation. *sigh*

The reservation that I had made LAST FUCKING JULY through Travelocity… In the meantime, Travelocity had sent me several email reminders of my trip; each one of them stating that “there is no need to reconfirm your reservation”. *(Fuck that!)*

I really should have known better.

But the front desk clerk took the information I gave her an rented me a room anyway. (Something for which I am eternally grateful because it was a holiday weekend and she could easily have turned me away.)

I sent my roomie a text that I had arrived at the hotel and he replied that he would be there in a little while.

30 minutes later, my own personal hell arrived at my room to spend the entire weekend with me! (In hindsight, I should have told him that the hotel lost my reservation and I was going to have to spend the weekend in my car. That would have alleviated so much drama!)

All of the moments I had while away from the man were perfectly splendid.

You might want to ask, “How did this guy end up in your room?”


We have been Facebook friends for over 3 years but our skate trips never coordinated, so we hadn’t gotten a chance to meet in person yet.

Last fall, it just so happened that he was making his plans to go to Phoenix, but didn’t have a room yet; I had reserved one with two beds in case one of my skate buddies from here wanted to come with, so I offered up my spare bed to this guy.

He took me up on my offer and immediately began to barrage me with Instant Messages and texts and phone calls.

At one point, last November, I had to explain to him that I wasn’t his girlfriend and that, just because we were spending a weekend in the same room (and it happened to be Valentine’s weekend), that didn’t mean we would be sharing the same bed. I was quite clear that there were TWO BEDS in our room.

He was completely and utterly socially incompetent the entire weekend.

Friday night wasn’t a skate night. There was a club party meet-n-greet scheduled, but it was way across town. Because of that, I decided that I didn’t want to go.

Roomie decided the same thing and “kept me company” all evening.

He ironed his t-shirts over and over again, and went on and on about skating and his Facebook group and how he’s so famous because of it… He talked non-stop from 7:30 until almost 10PM!

There were a couple of times that I had to remind him that I have actually been to a skate party! (Does he even look at my Facebook page?!)

Occasionally he would take a break to whine about some stupid family drama with his sons that he himself created: they both felt like my roomie loves roller skating way more than he loves his own sons.

As I was getting ready for bed, he fell dead asleep. The quiet was amazing so I spent some more time awake reveling in it.

It wasn’t 5 minutes after I got into bed and put in my earplugs, that he was shaking me and calling my name trying to wake me up.

I removed my earplugs. He startled me so I asked, “Is everything okay? Did something happen? What’s up?”

“Ummm, nothing.” He said. “I just fell asleep earlier than I wanted to. When I woke up and saw you sleeping there I wanted to wake you up.”

“Really?” I was seething. “You just woke me up because I was sleeping?”

“Yeah. And I was cold.”

“You were cold,” I repeated. “Do you want me to go and turn the heater up for you?”

“No. That’s not what I meant. I was wondering if you wanted to cuddle.”

Oh. My. God. Fucking NO!!! “No,” I said, then rolled over to face away from him and pulled the covers very tightly around my neck.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep very well that first night.

Saturday morning immediately started with his stupid family drama and immediately I explained to my roomie that this is my vacation. If I wanted drama, I could very easily have stayed at home.

Ultimately, he had told his sons that while he was in town, I WOULD BE PICKING THEM ALL UP AND DRIVING THEM ALL AROUND PHOENIX.

I never once agreed to that (and I never would have, had he presented it to me) and, when he told his sons, they got VERY angry with him.

I told him that I would bring him to meet his sons at point A at X o’clock and be back to pick him up at the same place at XX o’clock.

He had 6 hours to spend with his sons and he was still late AND wanted me to go to a completely different location to pick him up. Don’t get me wrong, I am not begrudging him time with his family. But he could have sent me a text telling me he wanted to spend more time with them or he would find a ride himself, etc. Instead he made me stand and wait outside (it was a nice night. I should have brought a book) for half and hour in a neighborhood he had earlier declared “very, very bad!”

We went back to the room and he ironed all of his t-shirts again – all of the clean ones that he had ironed the night before – and he talked non-stop again about skating.

I tried to take a nap.


Saturday night skating was wonderful! I saw a bunch of people that I met last year and Scorpio was there. He looked good. I got a couple of good hugs and he skated with me for a little while.


Sunday morning, immediately after my roomie passed out, I snuck out for some breakfast and to smoke a big, fat bowl so I could finally get some sleep!

I would like to add here that I do not like not being able to smoke weed in my own room while I am on my vacation. I don’t like having to sneak around and take the risk of getting caught outside of my home state!

I tried to sleep, but my roomie woke me up slamming things and being generally inconsiderate. I spent a lot of time outside that day…

Sunday night skating was pretty much the same.

It’s funny because, for as much as my roomie bothered me when we were alone, while we were at the skating rink it was like we didn’t even know each other.

Twice over the weekend my roomie said, “Wow! You are a really good skater. I am totally surprised. I had no idea you would be so good!” (Ummm… That was what I was trying to tell you Friday, dumbfuck!)

A quick nap after skating and then I checked out as soon as humanly possible Monday morning.

My trip home was perfect!

20160215_083207.jpg20160215_122741.jpg 20160215_085007.jpg img_20160216_174943.jpg

The morning after I arrived at home, the barrage of texts started again.

“I miss you.”

“We had such a great time together this weekend.” (Ummm… Who did? And together, you say?!?)

“I can’t wait to go on another trip with you.”

“Maybe I can come out to Denver and visit you.”


But the thing is:

I did it all by myself!!!

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