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Word of the Day: Chivalry

on February 29, 2016


I like it when a man opens doors for me or offers to take my bag/s.


But, when I was younger, it used to irritate the hell out of me.

I wanted to prove that I could do it myself!

I wanted to show that I could be independent!

Probably because, throughout my childhood, my parents made all of my decisions for me.

Once I “grew up” and moved out of my parents’ home, I truly wanted to be able to prove that I could do everything for myself.

At one point maybe Doom-n-Gloom liked to open doors for me or carry my bags; maybe I just didn’t let him because I was stubbornly proving I could do it myself! And eventually, he just stopped…


But, I’m not like that now.


I will gladly let a man slip in front of me so he can open the door.

He can pull out my chair before I am seated.

He can hold my jacket and help me get into my sleeves.

I will let him walk on the street side when we are on the sidewalk.


I will let him help me carry my bag/s, even when I can do it all by myself.




3 responses to “Word of the Day: Chivalry

  1. augustmacgregor says:

    Good points here… words are good, but actions to back them up are even stronger.

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