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Craigslist Date #2

on March 3, 2016

(My Craigslist Personal Ad)

He will be called Mick because he looks almost exactly like Mick Fleetwood, only shorter (and a bit like my dad and Willie Nelson, too. The dad part’s a little creepy…)


He’s 55, 5’10 and already in a relationship – not married, but has been living with his girlfriend for 6 years now. I told him straight away that I wasn’t interested in getting involved with a “taken” man again. He persisted and I really enjoyed our kinky email correspondences, so I agreed to meet him and discuss possibilities…

The beginning of our date started a little awkwardly. The pictures he sent were from a while ago and far enough away that I couldn’t recognize any of his facial features when I met him in person. He looked older and quite different in real life. It took me a few minutes to get comfortable.

We sat across from each other; both of us ordered the fried catfish with different sides. That was cool. While we waited for our food, we talked. Well… Mostly he talked, but that’s the way I prefer it anyway.

He’s a biker and Vice Commander of his Sons of American Legion squadron.  He moved to Colorado from Kansas 16 years ago to live like a hermit in the mountains. He’s soluble ( 😉 ). He’s a mechanic and I told him how I like working on cars, but since I lost my “Loserman” I’ve been holding off on doing any of the work myself for fear of making problems worse. Mick said that might be a good excuse to get us together sometimes – trying to figure out what Lil Bear‘s check engine light problem is, and fixing his sunroof and replacing the control arm in Breezy

Dinner was nice and, the more we talked, the more at ease I became. He’s quite a bit like my father in that he is long-winded and enjoys telling a good story (with every single nitty-gritty detail). However, unlike my father’s stories, I actually enjoyed listening to Mick’s.

After dinner, while we were out in his truck talking (and kissing), we told each other more intimate things about ourselves: my meth abuse, seizures, dentures (he has dentures, too!), the reason he moved to Colorado and basically became a hermit (he was still doing American Legion things and he had a job as a maintenance guy, but really tried to keep to himself)….

His second wife, the woman he loved and had been married to for 10 years, fell in love with another man. That other man was messed up; conflicted in the head. Mick’s wife left him for that man and moved to Phoenix.

Two months later, the man she left Mick for, shot her in the head and then killed himself.


Eventually Mick quit drinking and smoking and started focusing on himself again, but it took a long time. He moved down to Denver and started integrating back into “regular” life. He met his current girlfriend, moved in with her and here we are at present times.

We discussed why he’s looking outside of his current relationship; we discussed my lone wolf tendencies. The more we talked about it, the more I realized that someone like Mick – someone in a relationship, but needing intimacy – might fit better into my life than an actual boyfriend would. He won’t get jealous of all my guy friends, he won’t make unreasonable demands on my time. His feelings won’t get hurt when I don’t answer his call or respond quickly enough…

I planned on getting home by midnight, but we were enjoying each other so much I didn’t get home until almost 1AM!

The next morning my nipples ached in the best way possible. Mick had told me that, if we got along alright, there would be some fooling around.

And that’s all it was: fooling around.

It was like we were high schoolers. The windows were all fogged up, we kissed and kissed, he played with and nibbled at my breasts in a most appreciative and pleasant way… But he never once even suggested that I remove or unbutton his jeans. He didn’t demand that I suck him off. I reached over a few times and rubbed against him, but he was much more focused on me, my body and my reaction to his touch/es.

When we finally left each other, it was difficult to part.

We continued emailing and talking to each other over the weekend… Naughty, naughty emails…

Sunday morning, I joked that a trip to Harbor Freight together might be fun for ideas and kinky tools.

He took me up on my suggestion and we made a “date” to meet there when I was done skating that afternoon.

Now, here is where I am going to start telling (and showing) you things that might freak you out a bit.

As you may or may not know (probably not), since I was a teenage girl, I have had kinky sexual fantasies – the kind that are “taboo”; the thoughts that some people think of as disgusting or a violation of a woman: consensual non-consent kind of things, multiple penetrations, blindfolds and ropes, suspension, sensory deprivation…

The first time Alaska used my wartenberg wheel on me I climaxed almost immediately. We had already been playing for a couple of hours, so I was overstimulated, but he was only rolling it around on my back. The feeling was much more amazing than I ever anticipated. It is, by far, my favorite toy to date.

It was sad he couldn’t respect me and take care of me properly. I liked him quite a bit, but I needed to be taken care of better than a simple sex toy. He was unable to do that.

Really, up until I brought it up here on my blog, I had never mentioned my kinkiest of sexual fantasies to anyone (honestly, here I haven’t really even said much about it). Once I told Loserman I thought it would be awesome if he put on his security uniform, handcuffed me and escorted me out of somewhere… But that never happened… And that is the kinkiest thing I have ever shared, until recently, with a real, live person.

After we finished up at Harbor Freight, we sat in his truck again like teenagers for a couple more hours while we kissed more and talked very seriously about what I want him to do to me and what he wants to be able to do to me…

Here are a couple of pictures that Mick sent me over the past few days. This is a bit of what we’ve been discussing, and how we would if we did or variations that might work better or be more fun.



We have a play date scheduled for tonight.

Before he left for Leadville on business yesterday morning, we exchanged emails and had a lovely phone conversation.

As upsetting as those pictures look, he has reassured me (voluntarily) several times that my physical and emotional well-being come before everything, and when I say “stop!” things will absolutely stop. Ultimately, *I* am in charge.

Alaska was not so kind as that.

Here are a few of our emails from yesterday morning:


*grin* We’ll have to discuss the upside-down thing. I would love to try it. It looks almost a little comfortable. Hahaha…! But I also know that a person shouldn’t be totally upside-down like that for too long. It may be something we have to work up to. But I’m imagining you eating me out while I’m upside down and I like it! The headrush would make it feel totally different and I wonder if I would be quicker or slower to cum…

I looked at that again. I didn’t see the rope under her butt before. That would make it a little more comfy. Not as much pressure on the other points.

It all changes when you go inverted. I would have to put something on your shoulders or you would fall out. Would definitely need you with some kind of nipple restraint so your titties don’t smack you in the face when you go upside down. I have ideas!!! You’ll love it. This is going to be so awesome to see you naked and restrained. Skin and rope!!!!!!

I just got a chill down my neck.

The whole process has been a little scientific and a lot exciting, like I’m his naughty little sex experiment.

I think it’s funny you say that because you haven’t even seen me naked yet! Every time I think about tomorrow night I get goosebumps and butterflies. It might be difficult to stay calm during dinner!! I hope there isn’t only a shower in our room. If there’s a tub, I might be able to sneak in and shower with you! Then we might be able to relieve a little pressure before dinner – and see each other naked!! Mmmm…..

… I love having the option to just sink into my imagination with you…

… where I’m all messed up and sweaty, spent and sated… marks on my body in hidden places as a reminder you were there…. legs and arms all tangled up with yours… your beard hair tickling some of my more reddened spots… the smile of satisfaction on your face for a job well done… the soreness Friday morning when I wake next to you…

ta ta for now, my Kinky Man

Whether I have seen and know all of your intimate spots or not, is not important. I will get to be up close and personal while I tie you up. I think I will leave your nipples to bind up last as I have savored them before.

Then I can start the slow tease of your body. A switch here, a slap there maybe some shocking and buzzing as I bring you to the edge and back, to the edge and back, many times. I will treat you like you’ve never known.

Then when you are at the brink, I can start my torturous moves on your sweet body until you can stand no more. I will treat you like you’ve never known.

When you are all untied and all a mess. Not to whimper or whine, I will treat you like you’ve never known.

I am so excited to see you that it will be torture to have to wait.

In case you missed it. I am liking you and what we are about to get into. I am somewhat beside myself thinking that we are at this spot after such a short time. It seems as if we have known each other for a lot longer.

Reading all of that just now, I wish you could be here to feel the wetness in my panties!
I will read your words over and over again in anticipation…And, yes, the torture has already begun!

I am liking you too, Mick. Very much, I might add! You have no need to thank me! You are the one who responded to my ad. I should be thanking you! For being honest and sincere and comfortable and willing to go on this adventure with me… Like I’ve told you, I didn’t think I would find someone who judged my kinks as a good thing. I never thought I would find someone who wanted to try even some of these things with me!

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

It’s a little warm and firm in my undies right now, anticipating your moans and groans and screams.

I may have to call you my kinky perverse kitten.

I am finally about to leave. I don’t want to get you in trouble by calling, so I will leave that to you.
The anticipation of seeing you tomorrow is intense.

Hmmm…  I like that: his kinky perverse kitten…


15 responses to “Craigslist Date #2

  1. Madeline Harper says:

    Oh just be careful – he is still involved with someone – and if you really like him, well you know what happens

    • smitten says:

      Thank you, M! I totally do! I’m spreading myself pretty thin right now to make myself emotionally unavailable. And I like that he’s busy – we both have our own lives in need of some serious hard-core fucking on the side.

      Emotions are something we have discussed in depth. There is nothing we cannot talk about with each other, both of us are vehement about that. Especially with what we’re doing – there is a lot of vulnerability and trust involved.

      XOX ❤

      • Madeline Harper says:

        I know…I know all too well which is why I am saying be careful – those acts being such closeness between partners.

        • smitten says:

          {{Huggs}} Thank you for reminding me!

          • Madeline Harper says:

            I want to get into a similar situation too – but just now deathly afraid that no matter how I “try” not to have feelings, I am just that kind of person who will develop them with intimacy

          • smitten says:

            Stupid feelings always get in the way. I think it’s all about how we learn to handle them and also who we’re with. I don’t know, with the right partner it might not even be an issue…

          • Madeline Harper says:

            I would like to believe so….but I don’t know

  2. Cheeky says:

    Those pictures suppose to be upsetting?? Huh. 😉
    Ok. So this guy. You just met him. You’re taking all precautions, right? Letting a friend know where you are, making sure he’s clear about your safe word and “testing” it before you reach a point of no return. I don’t know. The first time playing as intense as this maybe should be done in a club. It’s just a safety issue. Be careful. ❤️

  3. lisa74 says:

    Yeah, what Cheeky said…could ya post a quick “I’m ok” tomorrow so we don’t have to worry…

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