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My First Ride

on March 10, 2016

When I was much younger and lived in Minnesota, my youngest uncle would take me out on his dirtbike and we would ride in the ‘woods’ behind my grandparents’ house.

That was almost 35 years ago and the last time I did anything with or on a ‘motorcycle’.

Well, last Sunday I had the chance to go out riding with Mick.

We chatted throughout Saturday when he had email availability.

Mick doesn’t have a smart phone yet, or even the ability to text, but he is always accessible with a simple phone call…

Originally, I was planning on roller skating with my crew on Sunday at noon like I usually do, but some stupid drama shit happened with a couple of them on Saturday night. As a result, I decided to roller skate Sunday night instead.

In hopes that Mick was going riding that afternoon, I let him know my plans had changed.

Tomorrow I changed my skate schedule and won’t be going until 8pm instead of noon like I had planned. So you can call me pretty much whenever…

Good night, Kinky Man. See you in dreamland…

His response came after I had fallen asleep.

Just got back home. Glad I read your email about tomorrow. I may have some free time with the bike. Maybe take you for a spin? The GF told me that she may not go on a lunch ride that was planned with another couple, as she has had a cough for two or three days and not sure she wants to chance it on getting sick.

I would love to get you on the back of the bike.

I also found that I might be able to get away Thursday night again. See you in dreamland tied up to a Harley getting whipped.

Did I mention that I think you are awesome?

Good morning! I’d love to go riding with you if it works out with your schedule. That sounds like a marvelous way to spend a couple of hours! It can’t be too long, though. There are chores and shit that need to be done…

I have a couple of things to do first thing, but you can call anytime.

I am riding by myself today.
Going to try to get out of here by about 10:30.
Where shall I pick your sweet ass up at babe?

He picked me up at the park and ride by my apartment and we were on the road by 11:30!

It was a gorgeous day and he drove for about an hour before stopping at a regional park for some time alone together.

Not long into sucking face and acting like teenagers grabbing all of each others’ sexy body parts, a van pulled up and broke up our little kiss-fest.

A married couple and their four border collies got out and started playing Frisbee in the field next to the pavilion where we sat.

Every once in a while one of the dogs would walk over to us… And, we weren’t totally anti-social, we talked to the couple and engaged with the dogs when one of them approached us.

His phone rang and it was the couple that he was originally going to ride with. They wanted to meet for lunch.

Instead of taking me back home, he concocted a story about how he had fixed my jeep a couple of weeks back and saw me at the gas station while we were both filling up. I asked if he could take me for a ride… We were close to my place, so I dropped off my car and hopped on his bike for a spin.

Lunch was nice, but also awkward. I didn’t want to mess anything up for us, so I was careful not to make eye contact with him or say anything that might incriminate us.

After lunch, Mick brought me back to the park and ride by my place and his friends followed behind.

For the rest of the afternoon I was pretty much on Cloud 9 and sent a message letting him know exactly that:

I had a most wonderful time with you today! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the invitation 😀

You are better and better the more I get to know you!

I had so much fun, I’m totally speechless!


I had a rather enjoyable time too. Thank you for going.
Not bad for a “biker” huh!!
I so look forward to our next meeting.

I told the GF the same story when I got home so nobody will surprise her. All is good.

I’ll send you some mail later, my dear kinkster

When I got home from skating late Sunday night, the following note was waiting for me:

I really want to do more ropes when we get together. I have been working my poor brain to death trying to get you in a really cool position. I so like to be with you and wish we had more time to play. I want to work on getting you in a position quicker and get some pictures. Lets try a spreader this time!!
Going to have to find something beside my hand to leave some cool marks when I punish you. My brain is tired from all this new fun stuff. Going to go rest it for awhile.
Did I mention I like hangin’ out with you?


2 responses to “My First Ride

  1. Cheeky says:

    He’s good with your kink, no annoying smart phone, AND a motorcycle? How are you not in love, smitten?!! 😜

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