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Fate or Coincidence

on March 11, 2016


After I got back from skating Sunday night, I sat down and wrote the following email to Mick.

Good morning, Sunshine! (I hope you’re sleeping when I send this!)

I’m home from skating, fed and ready for bed.

As funny as this might sound, I’m kinda glad we don’t have more time together. There’s a few reasons, but I think that one of the biggest ones is – I don’t want us to get sick of each other too early. I also like you very much and I don’t want anything bad to happen that might end what we’ve started before it really gets going, because I also really enjoy hanging with you. I’m worried that today might have jeopardized our time together…

I’m glad I tire you out in such a pleasant way and can provide you with a fun diversion. I have an idea for something that will make good and different marks ūüėČ Practice makes perfect and I like the ropes… Next time I will stretch first. Hahahaha….

See you in your kinkiest dreams


I think that a lot of my posts about Mick and I will end up mostly being the email conversations we have.

He says everything perfectly in his notes to me…

Gooooood mooooorrrrrning you kinky woman.
Don’t be too concerned about yesterday being detrimental to our time together. I haven’t gotten any odd looks or comments from anyone about it so far.

Time wise that was about the only option that didn’t raise questions. The fact that we handled it nonchalant, helped ease suspicion. I don’t want to wear us out either. As with most new relationships, there is a period of heightened activity and desire to be with each other. That is not a bad thing. Our brains work different than average and the desire to find out as much as we can as soon as we can is a little more intense than a “conventional” relationship. We each have many things that we want to know about the other to make our time more fun and pleasurable, but don’t want to wait very long because maybe we feel as though we have been missing something. Believe me, I don’t want anything to disrupt or end what we are working on. You are the most amazing woman I think I have ever met. You have desires that are similar to mine in the kink department and love to test new stuff and can articulate about what that is. And you love to touch and be touched. That is awesome in my book.

If we need to talk some more about setting some limits or something to ease any fears, let’s do so Thursday. We haven’t gone into depth on the subject of what we really want and can expect from our relationship. Let’s talk about our fears of losing things we want. Enough on that. Back to the kink.

That picture¬†is¬†cool looking.¬†It’s more decorative and symbolic than what I was looking at doing. I have been thinking more for the restraint ideas. Once I get the grasp on how the mobility is restricted then get combinations of them together do I feel like I want to work on the decorative part. Now that I know you like the decorative part I will put some of that brain power to that part of the fun. It is very simple, but so much to learn. I still have trouble with just having fun rather than always learning. Yesterday was some of the fun. I really, really enjoyed being with you. And not once were we naked. Although I did have many visions of how to hang you from those huge beams. You looked awesome all bound up hanging there so helpless. I couldn’t tell you much about my rigging, it was about you having let me do this to you and trusting that it would be alright. That is so cool in my book, and that is what makes you so awesome.

I won’t be around the computer as much today. I have some running around town to get parts and things together. If you wish to call that is sweet.

Until later my dear

I responded to his email (in tomorrow’s post), watched Peyton Manning’s retirement speech, then called Mick. We talked for a sec and decided to meet for lunch.

Lunch was Subway. Simple but lovely. We¬†touched on¬†the growing feelings we have for each other and discussed our age difference (it turns out he isn’t 55 like he told me originally, he’s 57. I figure, what’s two years, right?).

There was more kissing. Mmm…!

The funny thing about all of this is: I have turned away other 55+ men who were bikers with beards and completely white hair. I’ve even told Mick numerous times how strange I think it is that I actually continued communicating with him after he told me his age and that he’s currently in a relationship.

At first I told him “No”.

So… Why did I ultimately say “Yes” to Mick when I had already¬†turned away others like him?


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    Very nice!

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