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…Like I’ve Never Known…

on March 12, 2016

Good afternoon (or whatever time it is when you get this 🙂 )tied

I found the other picture that I was telling you about. Yeah, it’s only decorative, but it can also present some nice handholds… And I did that by myself, so the point really was more art than function.

My mind keeps wandering back to Thursday night… And now yesterday [Sunday] afternoon… Maybe it was the rush of the wind and all the oxygen, but I don’t think it could have been more perfect while we were alone. Messing around with you in that pavilion was nice. Too bad we were interrupted – both times 😉 .. It would have been fun to see what might have happened if we had been allowed more time by ourselves. Those rafters were amazing and so strong… And thinking about being tied to your bike as you whip me… When I got home, my panties were quite wet!

Discussing what we want and are afraid to lose is going to be difficult for me because I am looking for something quite a bit different than you are. You’re right that we need to talk about it and know exactly where the other stands. You’re way better than I expected, Mick. It’s going to be difficult for me not to develop certain feelings for you and to start to get attached. Maybe part of the reason I initially chose you was because I thought, since you aren’t really my “type”, I would be able to keep it more clinical and keep some emotional distance. But I also like spending NON-sexual time with you…

Before yesterday I didn’t think much of it, but now I’m worried about seeing someone you know or “getting caught”…  Meeting your friends for lunch heightened my sense of paranoia quite a bit. And a funny thing… [She] mentioned that I looked like someone they already know, but I recognized both of them like I had actually met them somewhere before! I got a huge feeling of deja vu every single time I looked at [her]. I know I haven’t, but I really feel that I’ve met her before…

Anyway, when you read this, I might have already said most of it to you… Hopefully it isn’t too redundant.

Riding with you was so much fun for me. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!!
You’d better stop making me so happy or I’ll start getting used to it! LOL


I like the pics you sent. It took me a minute to concentrate on the rope work. Your titties get me excited. Hell, just being around you gets me aroused. I think we are both having different thoughts than when we first agreed to this, so yeah, we should sit and talk.

You were relatively safe while we were in the pavilion. No rope, no straps, no whips, just my hands. I like laying them upon you. Whether it be a gentle stroke or a very firm smack. You enjoy them all. To watch your complex reactions to my touch is awesome. I could picture you hanging like the girl from the spreader, watching my every touch to your pussy and your ass. I envisioned a vibrator in your butt while I slapped your pussy with my hand very hard. You would wince for a moment and then just smile as the pleasure coursed through your body. I took my belt off and worked across your ass and up the back of your thighs until you couldn’t take anymore. Then I gingerly licked and sucked on your pussy until the pain subsided on your ass. When you relaxed again, I removed the vibrator from your butt. As I lowered you I stopped and retied you at just the right height, and put my dick in your sweet butthole and started to thrust as far as I could while holding your love handles so you could not swing away. While pounding in your butt and watching your titties sway and bounce was more than I could take, and I let loose with a flood of warm goo straight up your ass. Ohh, you felt so good. And the look of pleasure and joy in your eyes was phenomenal. Once I could stand steady, I lowered you to the floor and loosened your bindings and rubbed your sweet body till you could move freely again. Then we made love. You are awesome to me.

Till later

Damn, that was fucking hot!! Can I get an “AMEN!!”?

Then he called me and we talked and decided to have lunch together (yesterday’s post).

It was awesome seeing you at lunch today!!

Something you said got me to thinking… About how, after we get over all this initial lovey-dovey stuff, we might find out we don’t even like each other. Then I thought about how I said that sometimes people get together for a different reason and it works out better that way because it wasn’t initially for “love” (my parents being the example). Either way, I have decided that I really want to just enjoy our wonderful moments and, if someday we want more than only moments together we can address that then. Right now you fit nicely into my life and what is currently making me happy so I think I would like to just go with that and not over-think/analyze things. That has probably been what’s caused me the most problems in the past anyway. But, it is a HUGE relief to know that, if/when we ever even get to that point, you will be willing to talk to me about it ad nauseam (which is what pretty much what all girls want anyway!).

You are an amazing man, Mick (I know so many fucking “Micks”… I think I need you to be a different name… You are definitely more amazing than any of them!). In my very naughtiest of dreams, I never thought this would happen to me in real life. It’s like what you said, now that this is actually happening with a real live person, I want to get to everything right away! I want you to take all my vulnerability and hurt me while, at the same time, it gives me pleasure. I want someone to help tear me down and then build me back up. I can’t even understand it myself, let alone expect someone else to. And, here you are, desiring make me squirm and hear me squeal. The little scenario you wrote me was sexy as fuck! And exactly my fantasy… You take me completely apart, scramble me and then put me back together again. The fact that you want to do that is the coolest! … I’ve never imagined watching anyone do it to me, though…

Your kinky kitten

You are such a doll. I don’t know how we got hooked up, and right now I don’t care, but very, very glad we did. You are from my dreams I am sure. You love to talk about pussy and dick and all things sexual in an adult conversation. You are awesome. I have found over the years that not many I have been with are comfortable talking about basic sex, let alone kink. Let me repeat something, you are awesome. We talk about other things as well. Then we do them. That is really awesome. I am really diggin’ you and am afraid that I might wake up and you will be gone. A little fear of mine. Another story. And like you said, for now let’s just enjoy what we are doing because I am happy as a mother fucker. I wish to treat you like you’ve never known.

Good night, Kinky Man
So far you have already treated me as I’ve never known… I promise!

You’re amazing! I’m afraid I might wake up from this dream any second now.

I found some interesting rope work earlier and look close at the wheel!!

I don’t want to wake from the dream either.

Good night to you, baby doll.
I am plotting my moves for our next meeting.


4 responses to “…Like I’ve Never Known…

  1. smitten says:

    I know, right? He’s so amazing!

  2. Cheeky says:

    AMEN, Smitten!!! Wait. I need updates on the electric nipple wheel thingy. I’m more of a clit pain whore not so much with the nipples. But I’d be curious to find out how it feels. Share when it happens, k?

    • smitten says:

      Promise I will! We’re still warming up to each other. He administers much more pain than I’m used to and we need to build up.

      We played again this Thursday and talked about it in length yesterday. Next time we’ll do the wheel and maybe he’ll electro-charge it.

      It’s just so strange to me that he thinks I’m so unique. In *my* world, I’m rather tame…

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