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Say Good-Bye to Another Horsefly

on March 22, 2016


Mitch is gone.

I’m going to keep this as short and sweet as possible because we were only side fucks to each other.

Granted we were side fucks for 2 years, but that’s all we were or would ever be.

Still, the little prick doesn’t deserve very many more of my words.


Right after Boss Lady quit at the end of January, there was a whole bunch of drama at work involving Crazy Girl and the new Denver branch manager (he’ll be DB for short 😉 ).

Two weeks ago, DB decided to enlist Mitch to do some secret spying.

After DB and crazy girl had one of their disagreements, DB asked Mitch to ply me for information: was crazy girl talking behind his back, what was she saying, etc…

When Mitch asked me about it repeatedly, even though I knew plenty, I held my tongue.

I don’t know, but apparently that was a huge problem for Mitch.

The following Saturday morning I called to cancel our upcoming hook-up.

No answer.

I left a voicemail, “I don’t think I can make it over to your place before work next Tuesday morning. Have a good weekend.”

Short and simple.

If he had answered, I would have said more; maybe asked more questions; tried to communicate.

But he didn’t.

Instead, he sent me a text that evening.


No problem…

Two minutes later all of his contact information was deleted from my phone.

Have fun getting your last commission check from me at the end of the month, mother-fucker!

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Talk to me :-)

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