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Sharing Space and Mind

on March 30, 2016


Last Thursday with Mick was better than wonderful.

(So far, we’ve had 3 overnights and have found time to see each other every Sunday afternoon as well. It’s not only sex with him. We talk almost once a day over the phone and are constantly emailing… At times I have to remind myself that this was how it started off with TC – that scalding flame burned out faster than the speed of light!)

I met Mick in the parking lot at our hotel after work.

After exchanging a prolific amount of hello kisses, he led me around to the back of his truck to show me something.

He had a tiny grill on the tailgate filled with hot coals. When I pulled up, he was just getting ready to put the salmon on.

Earlier he mentioned that he was in the mood for salmon and asked if I was too. I had no idea this was what he had planned!

He even brought some fresh veggies for me to roast along with the fish.

What a lovely surprise and a wonderful way to start our evening together!

(The week prior he met me with a rose and some chocolates!)

…I could get used to this kind of treatment… too bad he isn’t mine…

He is right when he tells me he will treat me as I’ve never known.

It got chilly and we went inside to eat our dinner while we chatted about general things and also what he was planning on doing to me that night 😉

I love talking to him because Mick will discuss everything with me: uncomfortable things like emotions and situations; our conversations wander all over the place and then back to the point.

He tells me all the time that he’s never met a woman like me who will talk to him about everything and not shy away.

In fact, we’ve had so many conversations between that night and now – email and phone and in person – my mind is kind of jumbled about the whole thing. (again I was silly and waited too long to write this post because – you know – feelings…)

You see, at the very beginning of our ‘scene’ Thursday night, Mick choked me for just a little too long and I passed out.

Fell flat on the bed next to him.

I woke up fuzzy and, for a split second thought it was odd I was lying down, but his concerned face was right there and the same song was playing on the radio; I immediately realized what happened. It wasn’t scary, so I shook it off and kissed him to let him know I was okay.

But Mick couldn’t shake it off.

My mind was still pretty foggy for a few more seconds as he sat me up and cradled me in his arms. His concerned eyes were on my face and strong hand behind my head. In between kisses, he whispered, “I had a flashback.” , “I thought I lost you.” , “I was so scared.” For a moment he hugged me so tightly and kissed me so tenderly it took my breath away.

Then I started to cry.

But I wasn’t crying for me. I could feel deep inside of me that those tears were not mine.

Mick looked so concerned and so frightened. The fear behind his eyes made them tremble and his voice cracked every time he tried to say something.

But he didn’t try to say much, I don’t think he could, he just held me tighter and tighter. (He told me later that he was thinking in those moments, “What the fuck have I done?! I just killed the only thing that’s truly given a shit about me in a long time!)

After a while I spoke, “These are your tears. I’m crying for you.”

More tears came before I said, “I think I know why you stay with your current girlfriend. You picked someone that you wouldn’t be able to get attached to. Someone who, if she left you [and was murdered by the man she left you for], it wouldn’t make you no nevermind.”

He cradled me in his arms and stroked my hair and face for the better part of an hour before he felt comfortable enough to let go of me and start back where we left off.

He tied me up, whipped me, spanked me…

Seeing stars?


He ate my pussy til he was breathless and I was squirming in my bindings.

He even zapped me once before setting me free. You see that extra red bit on my upper thigh? Yeah, right there!

Play time didn’t last as long as the previous two times, both of us were exhausted from the emotions spent on what Mick now refers to as his “episode” (more on that later).

He held me close all night long. Each time I moved he woke up and made sure I was okay.

…I could get used to this kind of treatment… too bad he isn’t mine…

Every moment of that night seemed to have worked out as it should have.

And I don’t feel like either of us really missed out on anything.

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