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Bitch on the Side

on April 6, 2016


So… Why did I change my mind and decide to let Mick have 6 months of my life and my self?

Basically it all boils down to the fact that he treats me the way I’ve always wished to be treated.

And it’s only 6 months, 180 days… If it doesn’t work, I didn’t even waste a year on trying to figure it out. Shit! I’ve wasted that much time on Alaska! Although it is much easier to figure things out with Mick because he communicates.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep my perspective and remind myself that, if I don’t see him making any efforts to change things, he doesn’t want things to actually change (enter Loserman). At least Mick has a goal, a somewhat clear path to get there and I can see if he’s good for his word.

He has the date and knows that it’s been set with a reminder in my calendar. (What an awesome coincidence that my lease is up on the 21st of that same month…)

We’ve stopped sneaking around.

Last Friday night we had a great time together and then we went riding again on Sunday afternoon.

The entire time we were together we were out in public. And, when it was physically possible, he held my hand and kissed me and cuddled me and treated me like I wasn’t his side bitch.

But I know that, for the next 6 months, that’s all I am:

the bitch on the side.

I thought about that before I decided to give Mick 6 months to show me…

He whips me like his cracked angel. He pets me like his furry kitten. He tells me all the time how much I mean to him and he talks to me about everything and then some.

My sweet kitten. I am kind of like a school boy in that I am enamored with you. I can’t seem to get enough of you. You are so easy for me to be with and you like to do sorta crazy things.

I did find it a turn on to be wailing on you outdoors. More so than I would have thought. I want to do things to you, for you and with you. This is a little different from your average thought of a D/s relationship. I really like it though. You are so many things to me that I don’t know where to put you. You are my submissive, my toy, my pet, my lover, my friend. And I suspect that you will be even more to me as we continue. I do not wish to think about the fact that you could rip my heart apart. I am only looking to the positive things.

I can’t wait to get my hands on you again either, whether it be a sweet stroke on your cheek or a big smack on your ass. I just like touching you.

Can you believe only met 6 weeks ago? (wow!)

Lots of things can happen in 6 months!


7 responses to “Bitch on the Side

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    Oh my lovely – this is heavenly x big big naughty smiles …

  2. johnnyid says:

    I think what bothers me about this situation is the lack of other options. I mean, I’m glad this guys is generally treating you well, but you went from “We need to stop seeing each other” to “Okay, let’s give it six months.” And your rationale for breaking it off made complete sense, the longer you’re together the more difficult it will be… So, why not a shorter time period? A week? A month? Summer break? From this side of the screen it seems like you’re being taken advantage of, though it’s hard to tell if that’s just the way things have been explained or whether he’s playing you.

    • smitten says:

      I honestly thought that 6 months was a pretty short time period for all the changes he promised to make. I can’t really expect him to move all his shit out of his girlfriend’s house and get his business completely self-sufficient in a week or a month. Those are major life changes/events.

      Maybe I am being taken advantage of, but I have been used for my body before. It isn’t about money. I am not giving him ANY cash nor do I have any plan to (I have told him that in so many words). It could be argued that I am taking advantage of him as well for his affections and attentions. The thing here is that I can see if Mick is actually making the changes he promised he would make. If he doesn’t keep his word and, in 6 months we are still where we are now, it’s quite possible I won’t have any problem leaving him because he didn’t keep his word and I no longer believe what he tells me.

      I understand that all I am giving you is words and excuses. I have looked at this in many different ways. He wanted to have 6 months to make those changes in his life as well as see if we could even get along semi-long-term. Six weeks from now, we might not even still be talking. He wanted a chance so I’m giving him a chance.

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