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Life Changes

on May 6, 2016
from Pinterest

from Pinterest

For the time being, my life is in a quiet, restful place.

Like the calm before the storm.

Very soon I will have to tell Doom-n-Gloom when I need him out of the apartment, and the sooner the better: our lease is up mid-September and we need to give 60 days notice if we’re leaving.

I could stay in the current apartment, but that would just make it easier for Doom-n-Gloom to never leave and still be taking advantage of $200/month rent. I need my “roommate” to be a bigger contributor to the expenses than only 10%. Our family household expenses come to pretty much $2,000/month and my take-home-pay is little more than that.

Also, my job is moving to a different location some time in July. It would make an already gruesome commute nearly unbearable if I stay living in my current apartment.

Thing #2 has decided she wants to stay with Doom-n-Gloom. Thing #1 has decided that she wants to stay with me.

I have mixed feelings on both fronts.

With Thing #1, we have always pictured that we would be roommates for a long time. We get along very well, we’re comfortable together… But she should learn to be on her own and take care of herself. I’m not going to be around forever and the girl hasn’t even had a boyfriend yet – only 2 dates in her whole, entire life (21 years this June)! I worry that having such a close relationship with her mother is holding her back from living life. (However, I am so glad that she doesn’t feel like she HAS to have a significant other in her life!)

With Thing #2 I am concerned. Mostly because I have lived with Doom-n-Gloom for over 25 years and I know he has a very tough time being a responsible adult for an extended period of time (like more than say, a week). I don’t think it’s fair for Thing #2 to have to take on the responsibilities I have placed back upon him. Doom-n-Gloom should have to learn how to take care of himself – be an adult – or move back to Mommy if he can’t. Not make his 18-year-old daughter do it. Shit! His fucking mom and sister have been sending him supplemental money since we moved to Denver 8 years ago anyway… They enable his incompetence even more than I do. *sigh*

But, no matter what, things will change in their own way and in their own time.

Control is only an illusion anyway…

from Pinterest

from Pinterest

One response to “Life Changes

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    Time is an amazing thing my friend x

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