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2 Whirlwind Weekends

on June 7, 2016

So, I still haven’t told you about my two weekend whirlwind romance with Mr. Dreamboat. You know, the one who proposed on our first date?

For some reason or another, I’ve been putting it off. Not because it was bad or anything, but as it drifts further into my past, the less I remember so I best get to this…

Okay, I left off with our first Saturday morning together and his marriage proposal… From there I had a regular Saturday: grocery shopping, hanging out with my daughters and roller skating with my crew Saturday night.

Dreamboat asked me to come to his place and spend the night with him after skating. I mentioned that I would need a shower and would be famished. His response was, “When you get here just let yourself in. I’ll probably already be in the shower. And I’ll make sure there’s plenty to eat.”

What a sweetheart!

He was in fact in the shower when I arrived a little after 11PM. His apartment smelled fantastic.

I did as I was told and let myself in. We enjoyed a sexy little shower before he went out to finish making dinner: rotisserie chicken (it was magnificent!!!), sweet potatoes in a light honey sauce (again, amazing!!) and for dessert we enjoyed strawberries and whipped cream. (there was also chocolate cake for later, just in case)

We talked about family. He’s mixed: his father was black and his mother Mexican. Every year he goes to Mexico to visit his cousins and his grandmother. His father died when he was a teenager and he hasn’t seen that side of his family since. Apparently, they weren’t too happy about the mixed marriage and the mixed babies…

Once I finished telling him about my family (the ones I left back in Minnesota, not my daughters! In fact, I shared my anxiety about my mother’s upcoming visit for Thing #2’s graduation), he told me he would kill them all for me. LOL! Starting with my brother and ending with my father. That way, I would be sure to get all the inheritance.

We joked about it some more, how he would have to kill my sister-in-law and the other grandbabies too, because they’re still offspring of their “favorite” child. In the end, to prove he was serious, he wrote it all down on a post it note and put it on the cupboard with the other important “To Do”s.

Ultimately, it charmed the pants off of me that he was willing to even say such a thing, let alone write it down. LOL! It wasn’t long before I had stripped to my sexy knickers and was well on my way to removing his.

We were up almost all night long, talking about everything that came to our heads, and fucking each other in between.

It wasn’t really even fucking… It was slow and methodical, like everything was a new discovery about the other.

We didn’t get much sleep that night 😉

I went home Sunday morning with a giant smile on my face.

Sunday afternoon was spent with Mick replacing the front bearings in Breezy (we spend nearly every Sunday afternoon together – mostly just talking, sometimes working on cars) and Monday he came to see me for lunch. My mom would be flying into town Monday evening and I wouldn’t have any time for him over the next few days, so I wanted to make time for him before I would be too busy.

That didn’t work out well. Mick had a toothache while Mom was in town and he hallucinated a wonderfully horrid story about how I dumped him like a ton of bricks off a mile-high cliff.

On Wednesday night, practically right after graduation, my mother caught her flight out of town and I decided to spend another night with Dreamboat. After all, he was moving to Steamboat in a few days. I might as well spend as much time with my new “fiancé” as I could, right? 😉

Wednesday night was comfortable, like we’ve always been together… We made love until I couldn’t stop shaking, and he cuddled me close until I fell asleep. Then stayed up and did some packing while I was curled up contently in his warm and comfy bed. When he crawled back in with me, we kissed and fell into a peaceful sleep wrapped in each others’ arms.

We woke up at the ass-crack of dawn Thursday morning (add on an extra hour to my already 45-minute commute!) and Dreamboat made me more amazing food and sent me out the door with a nice, hot coffee in hand.

The next couple of days passed with a few texts and then, BAM-O, Friday night was his going away party. Dreamboat was leaving Sunday!

He introduced me to all his friends as the answer to his wishes! (The post-it note reminder that he needs to kill my parents and brother’s family was moved to the bedroom to avoid odd questions 😉 ) We all had fun. We drank too much. He kept me from smoking any cigarettes (even though I really wanted one!). Even though he was busy and it was his going away party (not to mention I had just met him!), Dreamboat made sure that I was comfortable in a room of strangers! That’s not normal for me, but I hadn’t said anything to him about it yet.

Saturday morning was leftovers from the party and then a walk through the local sculpture garden. We had an amazing time enjoying the gorgeous morning outside and each other’s company.

20160521_102711.jpg 20160521_100400.jpg 20160521_094406.jpg 20160521_101655.jpg 20160521_100130.jpg

That’s only a little bit of the amazing art there! If you’re ever in Loveland, Colorado, you should check out Benson’s Sculpture Garden.

We spent a few hours there and then he took me to the nursing home where he worked and introduced me to all his favorite residents.

It felt amazing!

But, eventually, it was time for me to go home… And he had to finish packing!

Sunday afternoon I received a text from him that he’d arrived safely in Steamboat.

That was almost three weeks ago now… We still text and talk…

He came back into Denver to finish some business the weekend after that and we had dinner together.

Now next weekend he’s going on a vacation and I’m going on a vacation.

Just not together.

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