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Balloons and Tubing and Moose, Oh My!

on July 14, 2016

Last weekend I went to visit my Dreamboat (“fiancé” – LOL) in Steamboat Springs.

We haven’t seen each other since about two weeks before my trip to St. Louis. A week after he moved to Steamboat, he came into town briefly and I got to have dinner with him.

It’s been a long time, but we text at least once a day and talk once a week.

Plus, there was a Balloon Rodeo!


Thing #1 came with me, so that hampered a little of our ‘fun’ 😉 , but Dreamboat wanted to meet my kids; Thing #2 had to work. It was disappointing she couldn’t come with (to say the least).

We drove up the mountain and arrived at about 7PM Friday evening, had a couple drinks, dinner; chatted and went to bed around midnight.

Mmmmm…. His bed was nice… And the stroking and kissing…

It wasn’t long before I climbed on top and started having my (very quiet) way with him.

I’ve always thought that quiet sex wouldn’t be as good because I’d have to concentrate so much on stifling myself.

Apparently, not when I’m on top 😉

And it turns out that he doesn’t mind a little biting and sucking, which is what my mouth decided it wanted to do instead.

When I was finally exhausted enough and ready to roll over and go to sleep, it had been at least one full episode of Star Trek Next Generation. (Thing #1 was watching in the other room – she was asleep before the theme song was done playing).

I wish I could have gone longer. He felt so nice…

Dreamboat never had an orgasm.

*I* however, had 3 or 4… In fact, in all the previous times we’ve had sex (only like 6 or 8, but even so!), he didn’t climax either. I asked him about it; he says it’s no big deal.

I am a woman who likes to know her man is satisfied, so Dreamboat not cumming is kind of a ‘thing’ for me.

But only kind of, because he tells me not to worry about it and he’s loving all of it anyway.

Men are so different… Some can’t make it three strokes in a wet place and others seem to be able go until the end of the universe.

Personally, I prefer something in between.

We woke the following morning to his alarm and I grumbled a little about having to get up. His bed is soooo comfortable, and he has the very best warm, furry blanket. But…


It was a gorgeous 46 degree morning – holy cow that’s chilly for July! I totally loved it! ❤

Steam on the Lake where the balloons would be touching down

Steam on Bald Eagle Lake – where the balloons would be touching down




Touchdown and liftoff

Dreamboat’s apartment wasn’t far from the launch point, but I was happy we drove and paid for a parking spot. It was $5 well spent, I should say!

I was especially enamored with the Smokey the Bear balloon. From where we were standing we could only see him from the side until he got farther away. I even took a short video of his inflation. There are clear balls in a kiddie pool in the foreground – those were for the kids to play in. It was cool to watch because they reflected the sun perfectly!

Smokey in the Sun

Smokey in the Sun



Apparently, there are only 4 hand-painted hot air balloons in the whole world! And two of them were in Steamboat Springs last weekend!




It was an absolutely amazing morning!! It brought tears of rapture to my eyes at least 3 times. I have about 30 more pictures from that morning. It was tough to decide which were the very best. A couple of my landscape shots turned out great!

Sorry about clipping your head there, guy!

Sorry about clipping your head there, guy!


Once the balloons were mostly all across town (there were 28 in all that morning!!! OMG, right?!), we went back to the apartment and had a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs, waffles, strawberries and maybe a little tequila… 😉

Saturday afternoon Dreamboat and I went tubing with a friend of his from work. Thing #1 is deathly afraid of water from a childhood experience so, no matter how hard I begged, she wasn’t going with us.

Which was VERY unfortunate for her because we were stopped by a mama moose and her two calves. They were out for an afternoon stroll/bath/snack and we had to wait almost 30 minutes for them to finish up and get out before we could continue on our merry way.

It was delightful to watch, but I didn’t have my camera with us on the river. It was disappointing when I realized I wouldn’t be able to share it with Thing #1 or you guys. But it was amazing just the same!!! And I made a new friend ❤ (not the moose, Silly!)

As they were passing by on the far bank at one point, I thanked the mama for sharing such a beautiful moment with us.

Aside: later I texted both Mick and Alaska.

Mick replied, “I always love to see moose. They’re so majestic. Remember when I told you that hot air balloon landed in our cul de sac?”

Alaska said, “Remember I’m from Alaska. I used to see hot air balloons and moose all the time.” (Hmmph!)

That evening Dreamboat had to work – 6PM to 6AM – so Thing #1 and I ate some magic mushrooms and went off searching (on foot!) for the “Balloon Glow” that was supposed to be happening that evening.

We didn’t find the glowing balloons, but on the way I got some cool pictures anyway.




And on our way back



The next morning was lazy. Dreamboat sent me a text at 5AM that he wasn’t going to get off until after 7. I laid in bed for a bit longer, but the balloons were so amazing from the morning before I didn’t want to miss anything. So I started off on another walking adventure where some of the balloons flew right over my head!


Look! I even caught a picture of an angel!!


There weren’t nearly as many balloons Sunday morning and, by the time Dreamboat got home from work, I thought the show was over.

But, we climbed into his convertible and drove across town to where he thought they would be landing and we could see the remaining few balloons airing up across town.


And another one deflating.


Dreamboat’s friend and I got along so well during our tubing adventure the day before, she asked if I wanted to go out again Sunday afternoon with some friends of hers – Dreamboat was invited too, of course.

But he decided he was too tired after our lovely brunch; so again, I begged Thing #1 to come along with. Explaining to her that the river wasn’t that deep and Dreamboat’s friend was really hella-cool didn’t convince her!

So I went tubing again with some new people and had lunch in downtown Steamboat in my swimsuit (again no pictures because I didn’t bring my camera/phone. Sorry! I didn’t want to wreck or lose it). Gosh that was strange, but my suit is awesome and sexy and not too revealing. I felt completely dressed compared to some of the ‘youngsters’ (or should I say ‘hipsters’? 😉 ) around me in their bikinis… But, no matter what people were wearing, everyone was very friendly and no one acted any which way at all!

If you’re ever in Steamboat, you should stop by Sunpies. What a cool local dive bar. I had a very refreshing fried clam po’ boy sandwich and glass of Chardonnay.

(picture from Yelp)

(picture from Yelp – in back is so much cooler! It overlooks the Yampa River and there are chairs set so you can watch everyone tubing past. So cool!)

After a rather dramatic lost wallet moment (not mine, thank goodness!), I drove back to get dry, gather my things and say good-bye to my Dreamboat.

All in all, it was an outstanding weekend. There were only three downers to the entire time (and they weren’t even really downers, per se):

  1. I was a bit disappointed Dreamboat and I didn’t get to spend more time together (especially in bed! 🙂 ), but his boss changed his schedule at the last minute so we did what we could.
  2. Thing #1 didn’t come with us on Sunday (Saturday was sad enough 😦 ). I felt a little guilty bringing her along and then just leaving her there alone at Dreamboat’s house while he slept. But it was her choice and she was cool with it.
  3. Sunburn from day 2 of tubing and eating lunch in the sun! (It was WAY worse Monday morning!)
My back

My back

My front

My front

Ultimately, it was an awesome fun-filled weekend with great times and great people. I am so, so, so glad we went!!

8 responses to “Balloons and Tubing and Moose, Oh My!

  1. oceanswater says:

    Looks like you had one fantastically great time! 🙂

  2. THat is indeed cool. Wish it happened in my town.

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