Same As Before

Same As Before

The “me” I see

In the mirror

Isn’t the “me” I see

In my head


In my head

I am fabulous

I am gorgeous




But when I look at my reflection

I don’t see the same thing I feel

I see the girl I was before

I see my naiveté

Because, even though I’ve changed

On the in-side

The out-side I have now

Is the same outside

As before


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10 thoughts on “Same As Before

  1. The quote at the end answers all your inquisitions about what really matters.
    It’s not what you see in the mirror or what others might see, its about how good you feel about yourself and how well you want to carry yourself, that’s all that matters.

    Nice post.

  2. No matter what anyone says, I guess we will never cease seeing ourselves through others’ eyes. So long as you have someone who genuinely loves the way you look, you should be fine.

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