An On-Line Dating ‘Suggestion’


Don’t use old pictures to attract me

Don’t put them on dating websites

Don’t send them to me in regards to craigslist posts

I would rather see a recent picture where you aren’t as photogenic

At least there’s some realism and honesty

When you send me a picture from 10+ years ago

When you had a head full of hair

When you were buff and had no body fat!

I kind of expect to meet a gentleman with a shock of hair and some fucking muscles!

Someone who looks younger.

Am I right?

And, here’s some things

I don’t mind bald

I don’t mind older

But I DO mind being misled

If I meet you and you do not look like your (old) pictures

Don’t expect a second meeting

Funny article here from *2 years ago*

3 thoughts on “An On-Line Dating ‘Suggestion’

    1. I know, right?
      Apparently it’s a problem for the guys, too. Yesterday, one guy’s profile said, “If you don’t look like your pics, you’re buying the drinks until you do.” Funny!

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