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Your Dom Is Showing

on August 12, 2016

So… I haven’t mentioned Mr. Nice Guy for quite some time. Probably because we’ve only been talking about vanilla things at work and haven’t spent any extra time together outside of that because we’ve been separately busy.

Also, he told me that he will no longer “get involved” with a co-worker. Good idea. Sometimes it works and people can be grown-ups when it ends, sometimes it doesn’t.

I get it. But it’s another reason we haven’t been spending as much time together.

Either way, he knows I’ve been trying to explore my kinkier side and Monday he asked me if I’ve had any more interesting FetLife dates.

“Sadly, no,” I said. “Because I deleted that account.” The men who were contacting me there were less than ideal (and that’s putting it nicely).

We talked a little more before he left for the day and, a few minutes later, he started messaging me.

(LOL! He wants me to call him a “nice guy”. Hahaha! Little does he know…)

Then, the next afternoon…

Later that night…

Hmmm… And he says he’s not a Dom…

And his shoe fetish is as kinky as he gets…


(Just in case, I sent him a link to Tall, Dark and Dominant. Maybe Mr. Nice Guy will discover more about himself and not be ashamed to admit he wants one of us to be on a leash…)

8 responses to “Your Dom Is Showing

  1. Selina says:

    Poor guy will fall down the kinky rabbit hole if he isn’t careful (giggle)

  2. I could not relate to most of the conversation, but I liked the roman strap heels (don’t know what the right name is) and the black and white heels. I think you would look great in both, based on the few pictures I have seen you in, so far.

  3. BallsyBilly says:

    Sounds like some fun no matter how ya look at it 😉

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