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Uneasy Feeling

on August 18, 2016


Monday morning I had a job interview. I think it went very well.

So, I told Mick.

My interview went great! The job is awesome, the company is awesome… And I think they liked me!

Now I have to wait and see if I get a 2nd interview with the owner! Woo hoo!

Sweet. Did they give you an idea how long that would be?

By the end of the week. They want me to start asap cuz the lady I’m replacing is done at the end of September. That will make my move kinda hard… but I can cross that bridge if I get to it.

That is quick. Have you checked the company from outside sources?

I did that all yesterday afternoon. It’s a great company! Very community-oriented, good team, nice office environment…

I’m glad you checked that company out, I would guess from more than one source. It would suck if you go and then it’s not so neat.

Ummm… What?!

I did not reply to that text until more than an hour later; after he had sent a few more messages just asking about my day and telling me he got a picture of a tornado.

And it wasn’t because I was trying to ignore him or be difficult either.

I can’t put a finger on the way his reaction/comments made me feel, but it’s not a good feeling.

For some reason it made me not want to share things with him and I can’t figure out why.

It has happened a couple other times and he wants me to explain my feelings.

But how can I do that if I don’t understand what’s triggering them and why?

10 responses to “Uneasy Feeling

  1. It brushed against that feeling that we get when people act like they know better than we do, even when that’s not what was intended, he just wanted you to be sure about this job, but it hit a ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ trigger. Tell him this, he’ll most likely be mortified that he made you feel so uncomfortable

  2. BallsyBilly says:

    I think Lpm76 is exacting right.
    As you know, the journey you may be taking might be a little tough and he was probably just trying to remind you. Not realizing that you might be offended by the way he worded things.

    • smitten says:

      Nicely said, very diplomatic 😀
      It *will* be tough and I know he was being concerned for my well-being, but it seemed a little like doubtfulness on his part. I might not have much self-confidence/esteem in my personal life, but I have a TON at work…

      Thank you, kind Sir! ❤ XOXO

  3. I have had similar thoughts several times _ I gave it a name “Sell-it-to-me-assurance”. Its like this, sometimes we wait for something for a while and when it eventually happens, like buying those wonderful pair of shoes you always liked, you want the salesperson to tell you only good things about it, though we would have bought it anyway. I ask stupid questions like, is this a comfortable shoe? Of course the answer would be, “heck this is the best with amazing in-soles blah blah”. Its kind of a silly expectation for us to hear something good about our decision, though we know there would never be a different answer. However, sometimes some people might rock that “feel good feeling” and it would ruin that experience for us. I have felt that many times, when I plan a trip to a place and some idiot would offer me advise about all the mugging and crimes in that area. Well intended, I am sure, but not well timed.

    I guess that’s what you felt. You felt good about this job and wanted it and a remotely questionable remark made it lose its spark. But Smitten, its a job and you know you will have both ups and downs. If it pays and it does not make you extremely unhappy, you will always like it. So good luck with the result!!! All of us here, wish you good things and that is what will happen 🙂

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