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A Night at the Theater

on August 19, 2016
Esquire Theatre 1966, Denver, CO.

Esquire Theatre 1966, Denver, CO.

Last Friday night (Saturday morning) I went to the Midnight Movie showing of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away with Mr. Nice Guy.

Earlier in the day he instructed me to wear pantyhose and “slutty heels” (I have been directed to call them that 😉 )

I gladly complied.

He’s always a complete gentleman: walking on the outside of the sidewalk, opening doors, paying for things, holding my hand, touching me… If it was raining and there was a puddle, I am sure he would toss his jacket over it for me to walk across.

We played a little footsie at dinner. Which happened to be much more amazing than anticipated! (Dinner not footsie! Ummm, well…)


There’s a corner bar directly across the street from the theater (with the coolest name: My Other Bar). They had a $5 happy hour pizza special and the reviews on Yelp said it was awesome. Being a pizza aficionado, I HAD to try!

Seriously, I expected frozen, shitty crappy-crap for $5 and it truly was amazing! The crust was fresh and light, so was the sauce and there was enough cheese and pepperoni!

But I am not a food critic or your local-girl-about-town, so I’ll get back to the date 😉

Every now and again he would glance out at the line forming along-side the theater and say something. I didn’t find it as much annoying as attentive.

About 30 minutes before the movie was supposed to start we joined the growing line and began to wait.

So… Mr. Nice Guy is a legs and hose and shoe man… As luck would have it, we got into line directly behind two (matching) ladies with lovely shoes, great legs, and Miyazaki-themed blouses (they were amazing!).

I made a comment to one of them about their great shirts and we all went back to minding our own business.

At least I thought “we” did; I turned over to talk to Mr. Nice Guy and he was sneakily taking pictures of those girls’ legs/shoes with his camera phone! (unfortunately, he did not send me any of those 😦 In retrospect, I wish I would have snapped a couple of their blouses!)

It was totally adorable!! He looked at me guiltily and said, “Does this make me creepy?”

I said “No, but that last one was kind of blurry. You might want to try for another.” 😉 (I seriously winked at him!)

Maybe the people behind us in line saw, maybe they didn’t. Who cares, right?

Once we were let in and had sat down, there was plenty of time to look around. It didn’t take long before I noticed that the two of us were the oldest people in the theater (by at least 15 years)!

Soon enough, Mr. Nice Guy noticed the same thing. He leaned into me and all he had to say was my name in a questioning tone; I nodded at him and my response was, “Yeah. I think we are the oldest people here.”

Being old fogeys didn’t ruin the show for us, though. It was subtitled, but the movie was still amazing! I hadn’t remembered the score was so excellent, either… But I had never seen it in a theater… Mr. Nice Guy commented on the score as well.

When it was over, we giggled a little more about our age as we watched all the youngsters funnel out (we’re still giggling about it a full week later!). There was one guy that looked a big fugly and extremely unkempt – he may have only been 10 years our junior. (BTW – Mr. Nice Guy is turning 51 today and I will be 45 in three weeks. We’re not even that old, people!! And neither of us look our ages 😀 )

To be fair, the movie celebrated it’s 15th anniversary two weeks ago – I reminded him that all these people probably saw the movie for the first time when they were between the ages of 8-18.

Then, as we always do, we sat in his car and got high.

And touched talked until 5 o’clock in the morning.


6 responses to “A Night at the Theater

  1. Wow, that was a wonderful little story. Loved it!

  2. Michael says:

    A fun, chill night…wonderful!

  3. BallsyBilly says:

    Sounds like a very enjoyable evening! Glad there still a few of us gentlemen out there that actually know about walking on the outside etc. 🙂
    Was that touching or ???
    Btw Very sexy hose Mmmmmm 😉

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