Crime and Punishment


It only took one serious conversation with a “serious Dom” for me to finally realize that ‘the lifestyle’ might not be for me.

All Big Daddy had to say was, “I believe that when my hand comes into contact with you, it should never be for punishment. I don’t think that punishment should ever be violent. Aย sub doesn’t learn anything that way because it isn’t truly a bad thing – she wants to be smacked around. Here’s an example: you like roller skating. If you did anything I felt needed correction, I would take away your skating for a night.”

Oh. My. Gawd!! What?!?!

Then reality hit me andย I started thinking about the other things that could be taken away:




Nope. Nada. Not happening!!

No fucking way!



7 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment

  1. I adore you… thank you for you words this morning … not sure they were supposed to make me giggle … but they did …

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