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My ‘Exit Pencils’ Crisis

on August 24, 2016

Why must I question everything? Why is so imperative there is an answer?

Why can’t I just be happy when there is no reason?

A couple of weeks ago, the thought popped into my head, “I totally suck at personing.”

Mick asked me what I meant and I replied, “That’s kinda the point. There is no point and I can’t be okay with that. I always need to know ‘why?’.”

My brain still hurts to think about it.

Like, if I knew how to ‘person‘, I might get better at it because there would be some goal.

Or something.

Jobs have goals, sports have play books, countries have rules!

But those rules don’t govern the general-ness of life.

I like to live by the words: do as thou wilt, but harm none.

But that doesn’t provide much constructive instruction!

Life is random. You have to set goals for your own self, but there’s no guarantee that you’re setting the correct goals or making the right choices.

Sometimes karma is built in, but how do we know and why do we even care?

How can there be peace in something with so much chaos?


4 responses to “My ‘Exit Pencils’ Crisis

  1. bmayes76 says:

    My husband and I just recently returned from Nashville for our anniversary. He told me he was ready to go back to our room, he was done peopling. I almost died laughing!

  2. nonsenseunicorn says:

    As the old proverb says “to err is human”.

    I believe there is no right or wrong for fuddling through the randomness of life (within moral and ethical guidelines of course). And meaning is a construct of our own individual existences trying to make sense of the otherwise bleak and unknown reality of why da heck we are here!

    In other words, I think it’s perfectly normal to feel like you’re derping through life, a lot of us are – just find your own beat and go with it 😬

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