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on August 26, 2016


Wow! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written about work. Probably because, well, it sucks…

The crazy girl I work with is still here. However, her mother’s best friend is no longer our boss. Thank The Universe – Boss Lady quit at the end of January.

My new boss is cool and he really appreciates me. He involves me in financial discussions and asks for my opinion on money matters; very much unlike Boss Lady, he helps me feel relevant and appreciated. He also has serious issues with crazy girl.

Most of the problem is: crazy girl hasn’t had a “real” job since she was 21, when she worked at a Virgin Records store. After that she went to work for her father as his receptionist, where she was allowed to act like a spoiled-brat princess because he treated her like a spoiled-brat princess – for over 10 years.

Any other time she needed a job, she worked for her mother’s best friend, Boss Lady, either at a different job or here.

This crazy girl is 35 fucking years old and STILL acts like a 7 year old spoiled brat (without going into further details of her antics); like it’s perfectly acceptable behavior. Since February, she has “quit” twice, but never once even left the office afterward! She just continued on with her “work” as if nothing ever happened…

Anyway, the past couple of weeks have been a little emotionally trying. Last month I rolled out some new procedures in regards to expense reports and company credit cards and, of the 3 managers who are supposed to be following those directions, only none of them did what they were supposed to. Then, on an issue regarding policy, one of the managers completely thwarted it, losing over $5,000 in income – no approval from anyone! (FYI – our division hasn’t been profitable since it’s inception almost 5 years ago!)

On top of crazy girl yelling at some unknown person behind her closed office door every single morning and not knowing how she’s going to act when she emerges, there is no accountability to the managers to actually do anything they’re told or follow procedure?? (and unfortunately, that’s from higher above than New Boss. He would like to ‘punish’ them, but has been directed not to – “it will be taken care of” – and the problems are never addressed)


My new boss might be fucking amazing but, if when I get the opportunity to interview for different job, I am going to fucking take it! New Boss even agrees and supported me when I told him I had one last Monday (almost 2 weeks ago now).

I thought I rocked the hell out of the interview. It was a practically perfect fit for my abilities and qualifications and I am really an asset as an employee!!

Afterward, I actually wanted to write a Thank You note to the interviewers!

It felt great!

But, in the end, I didn’t have enough experience with their software and they chose someone else who did.

I got the news this Wednesday morning. New Boss asked about it Wednesday afternoon and it brought tears to my eyes when I told him I did not get the job. He knew I was excited and was ready to speak on my behalf as a personal reference.

Later in the afternoon, after his monthly conference call with the 3 managers, he stopped in my office to say, “I just want to say it’s their loss. You’re a great employee and I value you very much here.”

What an amazing thing to say! Again it brought tears to my eyes, except for a good reason this time.

We talked for a little longer before he had to leave for an appointment.

Then, the very next morning, Mr. Nice Guy brought me donuts!!

Donuts from Mr. Nice GuyYummy, fatty, sugary, delicious donuts!!!

I gave him a humongous hug, “That’s exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you.”


One response to “Donuts!

  1. Donuts are life savers sometimes. Good luck Smitten. You will rock wherever you work, cause you are passionate about it. And passionate people get angry easily, if people do not respect their work! That is exactly like me!

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