Smitten with Him

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on October 13, 2016


I am so thankful for my wonderful friends!

As soon as he heard that my Lil Bear was stolen, my skate buddy “B” fixed up his car for me to drive to Dallas for our skate party.

Another skate friend offered to take my other car, Breezy, for the weekend so I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting taken or tampered with.

And Mr. Nice Guy said that he would stop by and look in on our lovely Kitty one of the days we were gone.

At first, I wasn’t really even in the mood to go to Dallas any more. I explained to “B” that it seemed The Universe was not liking me so much and I didn’t want anything to happen to his car too.

“B” wouldn’t hear me at all. He kept insisting that we take his car…

And, after I got another evil email from Jim’s “ex-gf” that following Monday, I decided that it would probably be best for me to get out of town. If only for a little peace of mind.

Our skate trip was great! The drive was uneventful; “B”‘s car did splendidly. The only thing I want to say/add about it is that I didn’t really like Dallas much at all – the people were rude and driving there was nearly impossible. Although skating was good. There were also several people there from Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago.

And, Friday afternoon only hours before we were supposed to leave for Dallas, I received a phone call from the Denver Police Department telling me they’d found my Lil Bear!

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