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on October 14, 2016

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Hooray!!! My beautiful Lil Bear has been found!

Friday afternoon two weeks ago, right before we left for our skate trip to Dallas, I called to give the police the address where I thought Lil Bear might be – Jim/”Mick” has a friend with a shop in his garage. We had done all the work on Lil Bear there and I thought maybe, if Jim was the person who took my car, it could be there.

About 1.5 hours after I made that call, Denver Police called back to tell me they had found it!

The timing of things led me to believe, initially, that my car had in fact been found at his friend’s house.

I asked a bunch of questions and was told I needed to call the impound lot where they would have more information. Few of those questions actually had answers even then, but I did discover that my car was found less than a block away from Denver County Impound! I was told that the radio was intact and it appeared to still be drivable, but the battery was dead.

Then I proceeded to message my close friends to tell them the great news!

“B” still wanted me to drive his car to Dallas. It would be okay to leave Lil Bear in impound until I returned the following Monday. (Conveniently, I had requested that Monday off to recover from my skate trip.) He would be safer there anyway.

When we arrived at the impound lot that morning, there were only 3 other people there. It was so quiet even the ladies working said it was strange for a Monday.

I presented my license, insurance and registration and was taken out to my car to assess the damages.

At first glance, I could tell that all of my personal effects in the car were taken:

  • An I-pod that my friend “B” had given me (any thief would have taken this, I know)
  • My spring/fall jacket
  • A brand new steering wheel cover and it’s matching accessories that Thing #2 gave me for my birthday – and those suckers are REALLY tough to get off!!!
  • The 3 pairs of new heels I was storing in there for my move (as well as an upcoming date I was to have with Mr. Nice Guy) — but another pair of high heeled boots laying directly below them were not taken
  • A wooden fertility bunny sculpture that was given to us as a wedding gift over 2 decades ago
  • A (really super awesome) wooden pinch hitter (with marijuana in it) that I have had almost 30 years is gone 😦 😦 😦 — but an actual container with weed still in it was left and that was right there, too! (?)
  • The hydraulic jack I had in the back seat was still there (?)
  • My daughter’s roller skates weren’t even touched (!!!!)

They were kind enough to jump start Lil Bear for me and I was able to drive him off the lot (not before stopping to check the fluids and test the brakes, however!).

So, it turns out that the radio was still intact, as I was told, however my amplifier was missing – torn out neatly through the folded-down back seat. In fact, it was so neatly done that the thief even folded the seat back up again after boosting my amp!

I came to this tragic realization when I started fooling with the stereo but couldn’t get any sound.

I looked around to make sure the speakers had not been torn out and saw the carefully separated cords starting out at me through the crack in the seats… It still puzzles the hell out of me every time I glance back at them.

The Monday evening after I picked up my sweet (and now less innocent) Lil Bear, I received a package in the mail from Jim/”Mick”. It had been forwarded to me from my old address. He was returning to me 3 pair of sexy underwear I had given him for his birthday back in May. His enclosed note simply said more of what he’s been telling me since I broke up with him on September 4th: that I’m an “angry, hateful, ignorant, abusive, ingrate, selfish, mentally disturbed, fucking whore.”

I saw the package was originally post-marked 9/21 – two weeks prior – but had a tough time dismissing it as a coincidence. Even though it clearly was.


As last week progressed without incident (finally, right?), I started getting more comfortable again. I stopped worrying so much that my cars would be taken; I stopped repeating his horrible words over and over in my head; I pretty much stopped thinking about the strange things that were left in Lil Bear when he was stolen. (But, no matter what, I will always wonder why my car was left less than a block away from the impound lot with a full tank of gas.)

Then, last Friday night, exactly a week after I asked the police if they would go to his friend’s house and check for my car, I received another email from Jim/”Mick’s” purported ex-girlfriend…


I want to block the emails (I currently have them going to a different folder), but I am afraid he might get more serious and I might miss his threats.

I spoke with the police officer on my case and he told me that there’s nothing I can do about the emails because they’re untraceable and, seemingly, not from Jim.

My work, my friends and my family know about this crazy man and, for now, I guess I’ll just have to be happy with that.

And hope he’s starting to get sick of harassing me.

Because, according to him the world does not revolve around me!

2 responses to “Found!

  1. Da Absentee says:

    Its good to hear you got your car back without any real damage. Scary but ok. XOXO

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