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Good Girl

on October 21, 2016


I wrapped my arm around Him tightly as I nestled in the crook of His arm. It felt so good; nice and warm in His bed, under the electric blanket I gave Him for Christmas.

We lay there like that for quite a while, but it didn’t surprise me when He started guiding my head back down to His cock. I enjoy pleasing Him very much and I know this pleases Him immensely (He hasn’t ever rated my skills and has always praised me for my oral ‘prowess’).

Incidentally, I am fascinated by a man’s penis. *I* don’t have one, therefore I don’t understand how it works, therefore it’s magic! And, although I prefer a circumcised one to a non-, that could very likely be only because I haven’t met many of the other sort 😉

I am not adverse to learning new things…

I ducked under his blanket to make some magic, but He was already erect again and ready for another go! I was a bit surprised because our last orgasm together was huge. Mindblowing even! But He is one of the only lovers I’ve had who consistently wants to have as much sex as I do. (It’s one of the reasons I like Him so much! And something His brother always used to make jokes about.)

I only had Him in my mouth for a second when he said, “Get up and go over to the desk and wait for me.”

“Yes, Daddy,” and did as I was told.

I knelt beside Him at His desk as He set up the webcam. It only took a minute, but then He adjusted the monitor to make sure I would be able to see everything too, if I so chose. (I didn’t so choose, but twice I looked directly into the camera eye because I knew He’d like it 😉 )

In the beginning, when He started taking pictures of us, it made me uncomfortable. But we talked about it and He reassured me that those pictures were only for Him (and me and, sometimes, you guys).

But, until Saturday, He’d only filmed things on his phone. Admittedly, it was strange seeing myself sucking cock out of the corner of my eye, but He likes it. So, I like it.

And if He wants to film me and watch me later, well, that’s nothing more than extreme flattery.

Maybe I shouldn’t, but I trust this man. And He makes it easier as we spend more time together (as it should be, right?).

He might not be the most touchy or expressive or wanna-go-out-y kinda guy, but He’s open and honest and real with me. Even though I might not like how He is sometimes.

He positioned His cock at my parted lips and said, “Like before, only the head.”

Instead of taking His tip fully into my mouth, I propped my left hand below his balls, massaged that engorged vein and started licking. Slow little flicks of my tongue, all around the eye while I massaged His smooth underbits with my hand.

He wrapped His hand around the base of His cock and pulled it away from my face, presenting His balls to me. I knew this meant He wanted me to suck them. So as I sucked and licked his precious nest eggs, I also used a finger to stroke below. His moans of pleasure interrupted only by His adjustment of the webcam.

It went exactly like that a few more times: my mouth barely on His cock for a minute, then I was working His balls as He stroked Himself above me.

Soon, He began more vigorously stroking his erection and I moved my mouth to cover the entire fleshy surface between His cock and His ass and sucked like I had never sucked before. And, one of my fingers may have wandered to His asshole…

His legs shook for a moment and I knew explosion was imminent. “Put your face below my cock and stick out your tongue. I’m going to nut all over your face.”

I drew my head out from between His legs and opened my mouth wide before Him, and He did exactly that. Jizz on my lips, in my mouth, up my cheeks…

When His load was completely blown, all on video, He used his cock to spread His fresh warm juices over the rest of my face.

“Now, up on the bed, face down, legs up on the edge,” He commanded and turned off his webcam, then approached the edge of the bed.

He positioned Himself at my extremely moist hole, grabbed a fistful of hair and thrust all the way into me.

doggystyle tumblr

I settled my ass into His hips, got comfortable on my knees, and let Him pound me into oblivion.

“Daddy, I feel so full of you right now and you’re hitting my favorite spot. I really want to cum!”

“Not yet, bitch. You don’t cum until I say so. Flip over.”

His 6’4″ frame covered my entire body as He lowered onto me. There was a tenderness to how He joined with me this time.

He grabbed both of my hands and held them up next to the sides of my head as He slowly pushed into me and pulled out over and over again. I love it when he holds my hands like that. Our palms being joined helps me feel closer and more bonded with Him.

I kissed His neck and nibbled His earlobe. He nuzzled my neck and slowed His motions even more.

“Oh, Daddy! I have to cum. I can’t hold it any longer. ”

“Beg me.”

“Please, Daddy. Please let me cum. Please let me soak You with my wetness again.”

He released one of my hands so He could wrap his long fingers around my neck and hold me firmly down.

“Cum with me now, slut.”

One final, solid thrust and we were convulsing into each other; our body fluids comingling; sweat dripping from his forehead and rolling down my neck…

I couldn’t stop quivering and it seemed like forever before his cock stopped pulsing inside me.

Finally, He released His weight down onto me, held His head above mine and touched his lips to my brow.

“Good girl,” was all He said.

10 responses to “Good Girl

  1. Can’t wait for the pictorial representation of this all consuming erotica!

  2. BallsyBilly says:

    Very Hot! My soldier salutes you both 😉
    Sounds like a great orgasmic adventure 🙂
    Would loved to had seen that picture 😉 ❤

  3. Samantha says:

    God dammit… This was one intense and extremely hot story I have read in a long time.
    All I can say is I am speechless because I like it that much. Absolutely amazing and immensely hot. I feel some hotness right lol 🙈🔥😊

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