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No More Fakers

on October 26, 2016

(It was difficult figuring a name for this post. It was either the name it got or “Online Predators”. Both seemed appropriate…)

I’ve had quite a few terrible online dating experiences over the past 16+ months since my sexy Loverman left: Twitter, Tinder, Craigslist, FetLife, Collarspace

Terrible enough that every single one of my online profiles has been deleted.

Except my blog


Before all that, I was even been approached by a couple of fake Dominants through my blog.

Asked to send pictures of my pussy

Told I was a “good girl” because they knew my magic words

But, in the end, they weren’t who they said they were

They just wanted someone to tickle their fancies for a minute

And I was naïve enough to fall for it

Now my trust is gone.

Everyone is deceitful.

Using their words and lies as a means to an end.

How sad for all the genuine people out there.

I can’t believe anyone is who they say.

What kind of ending is that?

14 responses to “No More Fakers

  1. Maybe a few of us can help you identify the red flags right up front so you just don’t engage with these types of people?

  2. The V Pub says:

    There’s a lot of frauds in the world, and especially online. Don’t let them take away who you are.

  3. That is indeed sad. I hope your faith in people is reinforced sometime.

  4. lisa74 says:

    I have no experience in the Dominant world, but for Tinder and Craigslist (and I’m sure the same can be said for Twitter), just ask for a couple of pictures of someone before you start to share info about yourself. I can always tell when pics are real or fake. And if the pictures are not legit, just don’t respond and move on till you find someone. And then SLOWLY start to share info about yourself so if any red flags come up, you haven’t wasted your time. Not everyone is deceitful.

    • smitten says:

      Thank you, Lisa. I understand that. Really I do. I think my radar isn’t working any more or I’m ignoring it or something. I need to understand what’s going on in my head and heal my heart. I’m still not fully recovered from my crazy September.

  5. BallsyBilly says:

    Don’t give up on people. There are a lot of us real and genuine articles that have lots of love to give.
    This may be cliche, but don’t let the bad apples spoil the barrel. Yes there are a few real asshole fakes, but f them. Throw them out and keep the good ones ❤

    • smitten says:

      Unfortunately the bad ones have spoiled the barrel a bit 😦
      How is it that’s all I attract? Is it a vibe I’m giving off?? Is there a sign on me that says “Naïve – please lie to me and tell me I’m beautiful”?

  6. BallsyBilly says:

    Keep us real and genuine friends close and F the rest of them! ❤

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