Smitten with Him

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Tomorrow Night

on November 1, 2016

When you come over tomorrow night, let yourself in.

I will be sitting at my desk working.

Don’t say anything.

First you will greet me with a kiss.

Then you will strip down slowly as I watch.

Let me admire you, Heavenly.

When I am ready, I will turn you and spank you until both your ass cheeks are burning red.

When I am through, you will go straight to your drawer and get your butt plug and the lube.

You will get on your hands and knees in your spot and face away from me.

Spread your legs wide so I can see your perfect little asshole.

Lube up your plug as much as you need and insert it for me.

I want to see everything.

Then, get comfortable and relaxed so you can wait for me to finish working.

Want to be Mastered

12 responses to “Tomorrow Night

  1. dcp65 says:

    Love this …
    (Reading this is the best way to warm up on a cold autumn day!)

  2. dcp65 says:

    Really … the pleasure was all mine …😘

  3. dcp65 says:

    You paint a very erotic picture

  4. Awe-fully awesome! What a sight that would be!

  5. Samantha says:

    This is so hot… Really hot. Sexily instructional but damn hot 🔥

  6. BallsyBilly says:

    Hmmmm MmmHmmm Oh yeah That’s what I’m talking about 😉

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