Question RE: Not That Into You

Question RE: Not That Into You


When you aren’t interested in someone, is there a way to say so without hurting their feelings?


10 thoughts on “Question RE: Not That Into You

      1. Of course it does.
        I think you can avoid some truth which may serve no purpose in these situations while still being truthful, but ultimately no matter what, it will hurt. But I think it hurts less when someone is told quickly and with empathy.

  1. What a cute picture. Says a lot
    All a person can do is be honest and up front. An old cliche says”The truth will set you free”
    It may hurt but hurt feelings can heal!

  2. No
    And I think you have to balance ‘short-term’ hurt … which we all find uncomfortable against ‘long term’ hurt which I think would be more corrosive

    There are kind ways to say no xx

  3. I prefer a simple” I’m sorry but I don’t feel a romantic connection here”
    I stick to what I’d want if the situation were reversed

    1. Thank you for that wisdom, Cinn! That’s a very good way. I’ve read that in one of your posts before, I think…

      I don’t know what I would want someone to say to me. I think I’d want to know more…

      Xox ❤

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