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Conversations with a Catfish #4

on November 10, 2016



What daddy would like is for us to grow together and communicate better to make each other stronger. Because the stronger daddy’s sub is, the stronger daddy is

You make it sound so nice and perfect…

Well, it will take work and nothing is perfect

I’m glad you said that. Thank you!

Daddy gets this feeling that she gets a little more in to daddy every time we talk?

You are correct. Every once in a while when we’re chatting, thinking of you gives me butterflies… I thought my butterflies had left me.

That’s why I want to meet and see if we have any chemistry

Just every once in while? Lol
But that’s a good thing, buttercup

Hahaha… yeah…
Like I said, I thought they were gone.

I need to wait and meet you first before I know if it’s a good thing.
I don’t want to make any promises or guarantees to you that I can’t keep. I don’t want to hurt you or mislead you.

Daddy understands. Thank you
What do you mean by mislead or hurt me?

It’s complicated. I recently dated a guy for a few months and he got really attached. He built a big story in his head of how things were. But they weren’t like that. And when he ended things he said some pretty horrible stuff to me about how I misled him and lied intentionally to hurt him.
Because of that I’m a little worried about my beginning approach with a new person

I see and understand but I’m not him and we are communicating through everything

I know, but I’m skittish and want to be careful and not give the wrong impressions.

Daddy understands sweetheart

Thank you

And thank you, daddy’s special girl

I hope you have a good day. I didn’t mean for this conversation to get so deep.

But it’s OK when it does. We are two deep people and we can handle it
That’s why I’m daddy

Thank you!

I do like and love that you’re not just settling for just any old person
That makes this daddy want her more for him and only him so he can train her for him and only him
And have her love for only him

I have learned that in life, sub or not, I still need to look out for myself. Also, watch how I interact with others.

That’s good sweetheart

I’m not sure “need” is the right word though. I think I *desire* a Dominant to help me become more subservient.

Well, desire and need can become real close

You’re right

But this Dom will become a need! lol

We’ll see 😉

I hope

5 responses to “Conversations with a Catfish #4

  1. dcp65 says:

    I like this dialogue … following the journey with interest!

  2. BallsyBilly says:

    Is it me or do some of his words seem rehearsed. Probably just me. Have some trust, but be cautious. Here’s to some good things happening.

    • smitten says:

      I can’t tell. I think he’s nervous – he is when we talk on the phone… Maybe he’s choosing his words carefully because he doesn’t want to mess up.

      I am being SO cautious. We still haven’t met in person and I am really hoping that he is in fact a real person who genuinely means all that he’s saying. Because, if he does, he’s everything I’ve been waiting for!! ❤

      Thank you, Sir. XOXOX!

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