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Arrogant Ignorance

on November 11, 2016


My email to the office staff at the Honolulu branch:

Would it be possible to provide the vendor with the correct W-9 that has our new office address? Then you wouldn’t run into the situation where the referral check is sent to the wrong location and deposited somewhere unknown.

That’s how the other offices handle this

Thank you


Email response from the president of the company:

The referral payment was sent from another broker at closing so no 1099 required. We will notify that all referral checks to be sent to our Denver office. Yes, if someone requires the 1099 so will always complete with Denver office address.

Thank you!!


This probably goes without saying, but (aside from the terrible grammar and punctuation…):

I am disgusted that the president of the company for which I work doesn’t know the difference between a 1099 and a W-9.

What’s even more disgusting is she thinks she does. UGH!


from: Surviving the World

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