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Not Interested

on November 22, 2016

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My very first, hard and fast, rule is: don’t skate and date.

After breaking up with someone you’ve skated with and been intimate with, things get awkward.

The skate rinks are like the children; time with each needs to be doled out carefully and fairly.

When can I go to that one? When are you going to this one?

And, if it was a bad breakup, there’s no discussion about any of that


It really only had to happen to me once for me to learn.

(I dabbled once more after that, but he moved to Phoenix, and it wasn’t serious.)

Recently a gentleman who skates regularly expressed interest in me.

I explained my “rule” to him and told him there are no exceptions.

We discussed it for quite a while and he agreed (at least to my face).

(I should have also told him I don’t date men shorter than me, but I didn’t think I needed to be mean.)

Eventually, we exchanged numbers because I was going to let him know when our group was going on another skate trip.

Nothing more.

Big mistake.

That’s when I learned I should have another rule!

Don’t give a man my number if I don’t want to date him!

Ugh! This guy sent me a text the very next morning asking how I slept and if I was interested in coming to his place for dinner…

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