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Conversations with a Catfish #6

on December 1, 2016

We’re going to skip ahead a couple of months because this Catfish keeps saying the same shit over and over again. He wants me to be his babygirl fully and completely, but he can’t seem to find/make the time to even drive the hour MEET me.

Since I moved across town at the end of September, things have been rather insane. (The Catfish has been chatting with me since August.)

And, for a big part of that time, Lil Bear and Breezy were both broken down – overheating and stalling…

Well, one horrific Monday in particular started off badly because I couldn’t find change for the bus.

When finally I did, I almost missed it. I had to run across/through moving traffic, against the light, during morning rush hour (I know, I know, uphill both ways, barefoot in the winter… Cry me a river ♫ blah, blah)

It felt like I was in a video game for some moments.

Related image

While I was running to catch it, my coffee decided to explode and leak all over everything in my bag and soak my awesome Bellini pumps, my lunch and a few other things!! ***sadness!!!***.

Which I didn’t notice until I was on the bus and dripping my morning jump-start all down my left leg and the aisle.

I don’t know why I told you all that, it’s not terribly relevant…


How is work going buttercup?

Quiet. You?

Long ass meeting


I need a bath later. Way later… Wish I had a hot tub and you could be there with me.

The meeting is still going

Sounds like you need a bath, too. XOX ❤

Or something

definitely something

What is my good girl thinking?

Naughty, bad girl things about taking a bath with your naked self

Please tell daddy more

I’d get you all full of bubbles then rinse them all off…
I would rub my hands all over your wet, silky smooth skin.
Kiss you all over…

Find that special spot on the side of your neck that makes you swoon


Massage your cock to hardness while you guide me and tell me what you like and how you like it…

I want my body right up next to yours so I can feel the heat radiating from you. We’ll be so hot, the water will evaporate!

Loving all of that

We’d both love it way more together 😀

True that



5 responses to “Conversations with a Catfish #6

  1. He still evokes your emotions, I guess…good for him…

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