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Square One

on February 10, 2017

…you know, if you say a word enough times, it no longer sounds like a word… it doesn’t even look like one really…


I am such a hypocrite.

When I am dating (aka: fucking) someone on the regular, somehow I feel it’s okay to get possessive/jealous and not want their dicks to be in any other women’s holes,

yet *I* still continue to “play the field”

Now, the sensible side of me understands completely that the ONLY reason I am feeling this way is because:


That same sensible part of me also understands that, if I stop fucking everyone I meet like I’m about to have my pussy taken away, I would probably not have those possessive/jealous feelings as much or as strongly…

Nevertheless, the self-destructive and fun-loving side of me doesn’t want to miss out on any sexy opportunities that might present themselves…

(After Loserman left, I did tell a couple people that I was beginning the search for the perfect dick. I think I might have actually found it, but I can’t keep it! Hmmm…)

This might not be the right or healthy choice for me but, for now, I think I am going to stick with one night stands.

Most of the time I get my rocks off and, with anything more regular than once, I start to get attached.

Then I’m back at square one.



7 responses to “Square One

  1. interesting thought. I guess it is kind of having best of both worlds – having many choices and also making one. I don’t know how one can make a choice and never feel “what if” again in their lives – I think it is only human to feel so. So you are fine, as long as you are happy.

    • smitten says:

      Like having my cake and eating it too?

      There are people that draw me in more than others, but they are few and far between. Sex is very black and white for me:
      – either it’s special and unifying and almost spiritual – the entangling of bodies and souls (whether it be kinky or not)…
      – or it’s just two bodies smashing into each other until (hopefully) both parties get at least one “happy ending ” and, when it’s over, I never want to hear from them again.

  2. BallsyBilly says:

    Stay with what works. Don’t try fixing what isn’t broke. Have lots of fun… Believe me when I say that your partners are enjoying the frosting 😉 ❤

  3. ahuizotled says:

    At least your rocks are having fun 🙂

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