Smitten with Him

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Meet: The Kisser

on February 15, 2017


As soon as I got my first smart phone (about a year and a half ago) I downloaded Tinder and started swiping almost immediately.

I slept with my very first match (not surprisingly – we really hit it off. You’ll see in a minute), but I didn’t share it on my blog.

I couldn’t remember why I decided not to tell you about him…

…and I couldn’t remember why there weren’t subsequent hookups.

I remember where he lived, that the sex was good; I remember his cock and I remember that he was the most amazing kisser!!

So amazing that, of all of the boys/men I’ve kissed since him, only one has even remotely kissed as well, and that’s Dreamboat.

Well, last September (at the same time I was moving) he found me on Facebook and sent me a friend request and a note.

We had a brief conversation:

Hi! How have you been. You were in my friend suggestions. I must have your number in my phone still.

Hi. Happy Saturday. Been good. It’s funny you messaged me. I’m packing to move across town as we speak.

No shit! Why are you moving?

Mostly work.

We had a decent conversation, but nothing came of it.

There was one more random conversation at the beginning of January. He eluded to not getting everything he wanted for Christmas, but he wasn’t any more aggressive than a hint.

So, again nothing.

Fast forward to present… Last week, Cinn wrote a post about reaching out to ask for help when you need it.

I haven’t told you this yet, but Lil Bear needs new head gaskets and I need a friend, or $2,000+ to get it done.

Well… The Kisser is always posting online about souping up his big truck and making it better and I also knew he knew how to fix cars…

The same day as Cinn’s post, he put some things up on Facebook about his truck and it made me think: What the fuck? Why not ask him? The worst he can do is say “no”.

So, I asked him and I thought it went well…


To be continued…

Talk to me :-)

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