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I *Am* A Hardass

on February 28, 2017


I didn’t pay much mind to Friday’s text ‘conversation’ with My Catfish until Sunday afternoon, after the rest of my “crew” had checked out of our hotel and returned to Denver. (I opted to stay an extra day and check out a different rink while I was there, as I am probably not going back to Texas – especially Houston – unless I have to. It was definitely worth it!)

But on Sunday, I started thinking about how I responded to him after he reached out to me and told me his mom wasn’t doing too well…

Whatever” is a shitty response and it probably would have been better for me not to respond at all.

But sometimes I feel the need to have the last word…

And what if he wasn’t trying to manipulate me with guilt? What if he was simply reaching out to me because he felt like had no one else?

No matter the reason, I felt I needed to compose an email to him to send once I got back to Denver.

It took about an hour and this is what I came up with…


I sent it to him last Wednesday, early-afternoon, on my first day back to work after my trip. That way, if he called, I wouldn’t have to answer it because I would be busy.

Surprisingly, he didn’t call or text but responded in the form of an email (!) – something he hasn’t done since we started talking last summer.


*sigh* Why did he have to start it off like that?moxi_ivy_city

…”my buttercup”… and don’t think his poor grammar and lack of spell-check goes unnoticed (that’s something ongoing with him!)

He’s right, I don’t remember him “trying to get” new skates for me… All I can remember is talking to him and sending him a picture of what I was saving up for….

But what terrible news about his mom!! Oh no!!!



??? ??? ???


His response was a very brief:

Thank you

My featured image for this post was taken from a very interesting and thought-provoking article: How to STOP Manipulation in Relationships Immediately

5 responses to “I *Am* A Hardass

  1. Cinn says:

    Catfish ALWAYS use catastrophic events to invoke an emotional response from you
    And one that swings you towards sympathy for them

    Please stop talking to this person

    • smitten says:

      I am so bad about pity, Cinn. But, even if he reaches out to me again, I won’t be engaging… Not with a “whatever”, a “leave me alone” or anything!!

      Maybe this is extreme, but I have blocked his number from my phone and his emails are now routed directly to my SPAM folder 😉

  2. oceanswater says:

    I have never met a CATFISH, but have seen the show. Most are Weird….

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