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Sex Lies

on March 9, 2017
(I drafted this some time last summer with the intent of filling in all the dot-dot-dots, but I think I like it better this way… 😉 )

Sex can be deceitful

If you have sex too early…

If you have sex too late…

If you only have sex…

If you never have sex…

Sexual energy builds tension but it also adds tension…

Yet the intimacy of it is vital

To feel the touch of another…

To combine with another soul…

It replenishes one’s self…

7 responses to “Sex Lies

  1. BallsyBilly says:

    Amen! Kiss me, lick me, make me write bad checks. Replenish me 😉

  2. mlbmistress says:

    This is so true! I just started reading your blog. Looking forward to your posts!

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