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Dreamboat Returns

on March 17, 2017

So… Here’s something interesting…

After a winter of basically silence (maybe one or two text exchanges a month since September), Dreamboat asked me to come visit him in Steamboat Springs.

Not really too big a problem… He did tell me that in winter he kind of hibernates and becomes anti-social. Also, I’ve had my own things going on, so I haven’t much noticed his absence.

And, if I really wanted to, I could have called at any time…

I accepted his invitation, purchased a Greyhound ticket and I am off to see him this weekend.

It should be plenty kinds of interesting because we’ve never talked very seriously about anything, yet he has professed his undying love for me and even proposed marriage!

Eventually… Some time in the future when he has his life sorted out…

??? ??? ???

Is that when we finally get to talk about serious things?…

He knows nothing about my desire to be hurt, spanked, whipped, marked, tied up, choked or to have my face fucked until I’m gagging on his cock with makeup smeared all over my face…

He doesn’t know how I crave a Daddy to help challenge me to learn and grow…

Or even how I kind of already have one

On the other hand, we do already know the ‘regular’ things about each other:

  • Birthdays and ages
  • Tidbits of family information
  • We both like to drink and use recreational drugs (woo hoo!)

However, he’s never been married and doesn’t have any children.

Normally I don’t like dating men who’ve never had those responsibilities and relationships. Their priorities and concepts of other people’s time are much different from those of people who were required to make constant sacrifices/compromises for their children and/or spouse.

Because Dreamboat is a charge nurse at a Nursing Home, I made an exception. He seemed different and to have “grown-up” responsibilities which require compromise and sacrifice.

Maybe he’s different, maybe he isn’t…

He could just be the “fun friend” I visit when I need variety and spice in my love life. LOL!

Or I could tell him that he lives too far away and doesn’t make the kind of effort I would expect to see if he’s looking to pursue a long-term relationship with me (along with reminding him that I never even really want to be married again and the fact I need him to smack me around more – or at all…)

I guess we’ll find out this weekend.

5 responses to “Dreamboat Returns

  1. Hope you have a fun weekend Smitten…

  2. lickitrightnow says:

    Ohhh….the anticipation!

  3. BallsyBilly says:

    Details girl 😉

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