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Weekending with Dreamboat – Part 1

on March 31, 2017

My weekend in Steamboat Springs with Dreamboat was pretty dang fun!

However, we didn’t talk about anything serious until Sunday afternoon, and then it was only a result of circumstance…

Friday was fairly uneventful. I took the city bus to the Greyhound station. All of my busses left on time.

It was a gorgeous 4-hour drive up into the mountains.

As luck would have it, in Steamboat Springs, the bus needed to stop and pick up the continuing-leg’s driver at a hotel 4 blocks away from Dreamboat’s house. So my bus ride ended there instead of all the way across town at the station. That would save Dreamboat the drive, and the weather was amazing!

I had no problem stretching my cramped self and catching some fresh mountain air after a boring and smelly bus ride.

Quick notes about the ride: there was a nice gentleman travelling to Sacramento in the seat directly behind me who chatted with the latino gentleman in the seat across from him. For some reason, the two of them gave me a sense of safety and comfort.

Half way through my ride, one of the passengers realized that he was missing a bag and the bus driver was very rude to him… In fact, it was then I started to see that the bus driver was just plain rude. Mumbling mean things under his breath as people walked away…

As far as my nose could tell, the restroom had never been cleaned during the entire lifetime of that particular bus and I could only feel sad for the people who had chosen to sit in the back – especially those continuing on past Steamboat Springs! Ewwww!!

When I walked around the corner into his complex, Dreamboat was standing next to his idling car, talking to a neighbor, waiting for my call so he could come and pick me up.

All of the things I wanted to talk to him about scattered from my brain as quickly as the smile came to my face.

I guess I’d missed him more than I thought.

He finished his conversation as I walked toward him and we hugged and kissed, exchanged pleasantries…. It wasn’t until later in the evening that we really got hot and heavy.

I unpacked my things while we discussed what to do and what to eat. Friday’s plan was to get groceries and alcohol and spend the evening together enjoying each others’ company; Saturday late-morning we would go ice-fishing, then after a late lunch go to the hot springs; Sunday was supposed to be more alone time together, maybe a hike, before the bus came to return me to Denver at 2:30pm.

For the most part, until Sunday afternoon, everything went as planned.

As expected, the first few hours together were a little awkward. I mean, we hadn’t seen each other since the Balloon Roundup last July (except for one time he drove a friend to the airport and stopped to take me out to dinner, but it wasn’t worth mentioning here).

We held hands at the grocery store where, oddly enough, we didn’t see anyone he knew. We fixed a yummy dinner together in his tiny kitchen.

We drank too much wine and tequila and that’s when things started to get a little more steamy.

The day before I left to visit him, I stopped at the library and checked out my new favorite movie The Secretary. I wanted to watch it with him and see his reaction to the content 🙂

Oddly enough, when I mentioned I brought a cute-but-kinky movie with James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal for us to watch, he knew exactly what movie I was talking about! We got undressed and ready for bed, and he popped the movie into the computer in his bedroom.

We got comfy together and, about halfway through, made our own little movie. But there were no spankings for us. Just fuck-you-up-and-make-you-exhausted sex.

Before falling asleep, we briefly joked about missing the end of the movie… Clearly he was not shocked or upset by the content.

Saturday went as planned with a visit to an ice fishing class hosted by the Park Rangers at Steamboat Lake State Park. It was almost 50 degrees out and I asked one of the rangers how deep the ice still was – only 48 inches. There would only be fishing on that ice for a couple more days.

Lunch was sandwiches and kisses and a quick naked romp before getting ready for the hot springs.

OMG! So refreshing. We killed about 2 hours basking in the hot sulfur water before returning to his place to make our lobster and asparagus dinner (which I cooked perfectly, by the way).

Because we were both giddy already from the hot springs, it didn’t take much drinking to set us over the edge. I can’t even remember the movie we watched, except I do remember that we watched it all the way through. LOL!

I remember the rest of the night, though. It was one helluva bite fest!

Initially, I was surprised at his aggression. His first bite really hurt because I wasn’t expecting it!

My surprise just fueled him to bite me harder and again! And as my giggles and screams intensified, so did his ardor. A couple of times I joked that he should stop because someone would call the police thinking I was in danger.

But he kept on biting me and I kept on giggling…

Eventually, we worked our way up to the bedroom, our clothes scattered all about the living room and even some hanging from the stair rail leading up to his room.

The biting continued as he climbed on top of me and slid his stiff cock smoothly inside. With all of the biting and tickling and giggling, I had become quite wet and squishy.

Each time he plunged back inside of me, he would bite my right collarbone. HARD! (it was almost a week before the dark, fleshy marks he made faded away)

“I seem to remember you liking that side a lot during our first weekend together,” I mused and giggled a little more…

He switched over to nibbling on the opposite collarbone, stopping in the middle to kiss me.

He fluttered light kisses all across my breasts and my chest, then down my belly, tracing over to each of my hip creases with his tongue and exhaled steamy, hot breath before planting a single kiss on each side.

I giggled and squirmed beneath his touch while he moved downward further to my moist folds. His tongue first lapped at my barely parted lips, stroking each side equally, up and down methodically.

My hips tilted and gyrated up towards his face; instincts wanted his face planted deep between my legs. Nibbling… Lapping… Sucking…

OOOH! And biting!

‘Stop that,’ I scolded, but I didn’t mean it; he knew I didn’t mean it and bit me again, harder this time.

The ‘yelp’ was out of my mouth before I realized it was even there. His breath hot between my legs, I could feel his pleased smile as he climbed back up my front side. Spreading kisses evenly over everything as he had on the way down.

His lips were so consuming, I felt goosebumps raising all of the finest of hairs on my body.

A shiver ran through me as he slowly penetrated me again and, as he held himself deep inside my clenched pussy, for a moment I thought I could feel his pulse…

I can’t begin to tell you how long or how many times Dreamboat was up and then down on me, then back up and down again.

He seemed to be in some kind of zone.

Biting all the way!

Eventually I had to stop him because… Well… I don’t exactly remember now, but it was a perfectly good reason at the time.

And it wasn’t more than a few minutes before Dreamboat’s breathing settled and I could tell he’d fallen asleep.

…head nestled between my breasts.

My fingers stroking his hair…

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  1. BallsyBilly says:

    My solider is at attention and salutes you both 😉

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