First Time Closeness

A friend of mine said something to me last week that made me think (probably more than I should have):

“The first time in the BDSM life style can be a bit overwhelming and, if you really enjoy it, a person can fall fast and hard for their first partner if they are not careful.”

I remember how much I liked my first “boyfriend”…

How enamored I was with the man I gave my virginity to…

Firsts are special.

Some firsts more special than others.

Particularly when it comes to vulnerability and feelings.

A bad first might cause us to be more guarded.

A good first might only be good for ONE person, but not the other.

A powerful first might cause us to be blind to important things.

But, in the end, does that really even matter?

We were here.

We lived.

We were hurt.

We grew.

We tried again.

Or not…


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