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I’m Right Here

on May 19, 2017

Before dinner last Thursday evening, we were having a discussion on the power of positive thinking…

It’s true, there isn’t anything you want that you can’t have.

Yes there is.

There is? Tell me what you want that you can’t have.


I’m right here, aren’t I?

24 responses to “I’m Right Here

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    smiles x

  2. missagathaarmstrong says:

    oh sweet girl – i have a choice to make soon – either move to the country and take on a job as housekeeper cook – this would be for the rest of my life…. my other choice – He has not asked and i must ask Him – and oh -oh -oh … how these words pull at my heart x… my fingers are so very crossed

    • What would be the question?

      • missagathaarmstrong says:

        The Question would be …. would He want His slave 24/7 … for now she needs her Master…

        • Isnt 24/7 too much to handle? Outside of the poetry of emotions, I mean.

          • missagathaarmstrong says:

            no… i don’t think so . We have been together for 7 years. 4 as lovers and then the last 3… well it just sort of happened and we have never looked back. My daughter has been my first priorty – but she is leaving soon – and my priorites will change –

            We are both getting older, in our very very early 50’s and i think we would work very well together –

            But… i would value your thoughts …

          • Oh, I have always believed you should what you like no matter how crazy it may seem at that time to you. I was just taking a skeptical look at the whole thing being 24/7. Please ignore that. I have believed in permanent im-permenance, so if things change, so be it!

          • missagathaarmstrong says:

            smiles dear one … i do understand – truely x

          • Thank you Agatha, you are too kind.

          • missagathaarmstrong says:

            smiles – never think your words are not valued x

          • I appreciate that very much. Thank you again!

    • smitten says:

      Oh Dear!! My fingers are crossed too! I know it’s scary to ask.

      These words pulled at my heart too… He can be so tender and sweet, but then so utterly clueless!

      Good luck!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • missagathaarmstrong says:

        Poor Master, He is having to go through some serious crap – right now … He is aware of September, and i suspect 0r at hope… because of the way He has been recently … that it is also on His mind -but i need to bring it up – and i don’t know how …

        • smitten says:

          Sometimes thinking about doing it is the hardest part. He might love the idea of having you around more…

          • missagathaarmstrong says:

            Although He as no time for me right now, He has been so darling. He has managed to find snippets of time. Things are changing with us …. or am i reading into things more than i should… you know what us girls are like… This is all so very very scary .x

          • smitten says:

            I know, Dear ❤ Feelings are such a fragile thing, and when we love someone so much… I hope your thoughts on change are right in the best possible of ways!

          • missagathaarmstrong says:

            dearest Smitten – me too xxx truely x

  3. Why do we always want what we cannot have? And I hate quotes about positive thinking, laws of attraction etc. You get what you want or you compromise – motivational messages are sometimes so annoying! 🙂

    • smitten says:

      The point here is that I have what I want and I don’t realize it. So… Why can’t I see that I have what I want?

      I’m sorry. I’m really a motivational message kinda girl.

  4. missagathaarmstrong says:

    …or the point is that you know you have what you desire most, but accepting that is probably the hardest thing to do ….

    • This! I know this is where I have been lately, I know that what I have right now is exactly what I desire, but for whatever reason I struggle to fully accept that I have it, that I desire it, and that it isn’t going anywhere.

      • missagathaarmstrong says:

        … why is is not going any where … does it always have to go somewhere . I suspect that if we were to accept that all is well, we would become complacent and then bored … not accepting keeps us in our toes always striving.


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