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Going Somewhere?

on May 24, 2017
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Right now my ‘relationship’ isn’t going anywhere… Timeline-wise anyway…

And I am totally okay with that.

On the surface, I think that I am ready; I act like I am ready.

I want to be ready… I write about it here – how much I crave it…

Long-term relationship companionship…

But deep down, I’m pretty sure that I’m not ready for anything more than what I actually have.

It’s taken a considerable amount of time and patience on both our parts, but I like what is slowly building between us.

And He likes it too.

He’s started sharing things with me about his past.

Things I should have suspected, but never really did.

Things that make me want to ask more questions – questions whose answers would normally scare me.

So, normally, I don’t ask them.

— But I want to ask Him —

It’s tough because, the way I feel about Him right now, I want to jump in head-first.

Except, I am fickle

and moody

and independent.

And I have too many guy friends.

— He’s never taken issue with that, where others have —

It’s strange because I like the space we have between each other

but I also wish we could spend more time together.

It’s a balance.

More between myself and myself

than between His self and my self.

He’s happy with the amount of time we spend together.

When He wants more time, He asks.

And that makes me happy. Because I know that, if it gets to be too much time/energy/space/etc, I can simply tell him.

It’s okay to settle into a happy place, right?

Getting more comfortable together will only help us grow towards something more special.

Because of the time it takes and the effort required.

You can’t have a child and expect it to immediately grow into an adult.

It needs to be nurtured, taught and understood.

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Like love.

So maybe going somewhere isn’t really that important.

Just like the quote says, it’s the journey…

5 responses to “Going Somewhere?

  1. I’d say if you’re content with where it is at right now its TOTALLY ok to enjoy this stage of the relationship – whether it eventually goes further or not, that’s irrelevant. You are both enjoying this, right now, and why not?

  2. Plectrumm says:

    Emerson and I share the same birthday 😎

    Delayed gratification is one of the single most important control mechanisms we have in determining our capacity for realizing happiness. The more we practice, the better we get! Wanting and accepting create a dual spectrum of that state of gratitude 😍

    • smitten says:

      I’m going to have to think on that for a while. Your words are very deep and I am trying to wrap my mind around their meaning for me. Thank you! Happy Friday ❤

  3. Plectrumm says:


    Sometimes what we want in a single moment is really an impulse…relationships require a bit more scrutiny, and should be viewed from with a more cognitive lens. That requires patience and understanding from both parties involved!

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