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The Value of a Kiss

on June 8, 2017

About a week ago, Alaska asked me to drive him to a client’s upcoming new home (or however you want to say it. I’m not a Realtor® and I don’t technically care about the technicality of it 😉 )…

… because the new home buyers wanted to take some measurements for some stuff they were moving in and other stuff they wanted to buy, yadda. yadda…

The thing about it was, we had already made a different type of plan to spend time together.

Have lunch, watch some cool stuff on the computer…

Other stuff… (I really like the other stuff!)

Anyway, I was halfway to his place when he called and said, “I need you to do a huge favor for me.”

I knew I could say “no”, but didn’t want to. So I playfully replied, “You already owe me for a couple other favors.” 😉

Oh. Is that so?

Yeah, that is so. But this time I don’t want money or anything like that as my ‘payment’. Instead I want kisses!

What?! I’ll give you ten dollars.

Like I said, I don’t want money. I want kisses and maybe you could throw in some affection.

I offer you real money and you’d rather have kisses?!?

That’s because it’s all about value, Daddy. Giving me ten dollars is nothing for you to do. Getting kisses and affection from you is priceless!

Hmmm… I’m not used to this type of negotiation.

Well, get used to it, because I love kisses!!

Image result for forehead kiss gif

2 responses to “The Value of a Kiss

  1. BallsyBilly says:

    Me too 🙂

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