Smitten with Him

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Show Me

on April 4, 2018

Reminders so I don’t take him back:

  1. Telling me my feelings are stupid when he doesn’t understand them
  2. His conceit and selfishness
  3. He’s a loud open-mouth chewer
  4. It’s always a struggle for his attention and time
  5. Not keeping his word, aka: empty promises
  6. Lack of respect and appreciation
  7. EXCUSES!!!
  8. Ignorance (circling back to #1)

If you love me, fucking show me!!!

(It’s taped at the head of my bed, so it’s there as the first and last thing every day)

6 responses to “Show Me

  1. haha, I did this, wrote something on my laptop so that when I opened it the first thing that popped up was –
    it helped.
    hang in there.

  2. I was going to give you a big speech about how all of that can be fixed and I’m sure he’ll be a fine mate someday for someone but today is not that day and that someone is not you, but in all my years I’ve never seen anyone come back from #3. Once an open-mouth chewer, always an open-mouth chewer. Some people were raised by fucking wolves and have no consideration for the world around them, and you’ll never be able to take such a person anywhere without being deeply embarrassed that you know them.

    Don’t just lose his number, change it in your Contacts to “ACTUAL SATAN, DO NOT ANSWER” and proceed accordingly. When he calls again, hand your device to the nearest biped who is not you with the script, “New phone, who dis?” and proceed to step 2: forgetting him forever.

    (There’s a lot wrong with me, but my goddamned table manners are on point)

  3. Wow! Good for you Smitten. Hope you are empowered by this self note to do the right things.

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